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Army University recognized the academic accomplishments of its faculty and staff in an Academic Awards Ceremony Aug. 19. The ceremony combined the university’s annual Golden Pen Awards, recognizing scholarly writing, with academic promotions, recognition of primary staff group advisors, and appreciation for the Staff and Faculty Council.

“It is with great personal and professional pleasure that I announce the Academic Year 2020-2021 faculty promotions under the CGSC Faculty Credentialing and Promotions Policy,” said Maj. Gen. Donn H. Hill, Combined Arms Center deputy commanding general-Education, presiding at the ceremony. “It never ceases to impress me, the quality of the instructors and faculty we have here across the college and the university and the body of work that everyone contributes.”

Academic promotions went first with Dr. Dean A. Nowowiejski, head of the Command and General Staff College Art of War Scholars program, being recognized as a full professor.

According to Hill, the individuals who have been identified for promotion performed a self-assessment of their preparation for the next academic rank and gained the support of their department and school directors. The candidates for associate professor and professor of discipline also went before an advisory committee of their peers, who provided the dean of Academics and Hill a recommendation from the faculty perspective.

Promoted to associate professor were: Dr. Wendell R. Stevens, Nils J. Erickson, Dr. David W. Holden, Dr. Amanda Nagel, Dr. Jacob A Stoil, Dr. Craig Bruce Smith, Dr. Justin E. Kidd and Dr. James K. Greer.

New assistant professors are: Anthony M. Cowart, Lt. Col. Jonathan D. Tessmann, Lt. Col. Christopher L. Schilling, Lt. Col. Damon T. Schwan, Lt. Col. (USMC) Paul M. Rivera, Lt. Col. Timothy D. Tyner, Lt. Col. (UK) Fabrice Landragin, Lt. Col. Joshua N. Stephenson, Col. Christopher M. Whelan, Lt. Col. Jason B. Palermo, Chaplain (Maj.) Jonathan D. Bailey, Lt. Col. (USAF) Frank J. Klimas, Col. (USAF) Antonio Alvarado, Maj. Robert Diaz, Lt. Col. Tomas I. Moore, Lt. Col. Adam Cecil, Lt. Col. Bradley Allbritten, Lt. Col. Kenneth T. Woods, Jason Ballard, Lt. Col. Douglas Newell, Lt. Col. Mark L. Allen, Lt. Col. Davonne L.B. Felton, Lt. Col. Paul N. Hester, Lt. Col. Daron L. Settles, Lt. Col. Karl R. Butler, Lt. Col. Michael S. Ryan, Victor S. Hamilton, Dirk D. Ringgenberg, Richard B. Adams, Jr., Gregg Cannon, Sgt. Maj. Scott J. Schomaker, Galen M. Thomas, Sgt. Maj. Cody J. Thomas, Sgt. Maj. Charles L. Burrow, Sgt. Maj. James L. Campbell Jr., James D. Cook, Sgt. Maj. Anson C. Jordan and Robert S. Shawlinski.

The Golden Pen Awards recognize Army University staff and faculty for their research and scholarship. Publishing is an important aspect of lifelong leader learning. It demonstrates the personal effort involved in research and a desire to collaborate and share new ideas and perspectives.

Dr. Jack Kem, Command and General Staff College dean of Academics and Army University chief academic officer, assist- ed Hill in presenting the awards. Six faculty members received the highest award, The Golden Pen, for books or book-length series of articles.

They are: Dr. Dennis S. Burket, editor, Large-Scale Combat Operations: The Division Fight, U.S. Army Command and General Staff College Press; Dr. John D. Hosler, co-editor, Military Cultures and Martial Enterprises in the Middle Ages: Essays in Honor of Richard P. Abels, The Boydell Press; Dr. Jeremy P. Maxwell, The Korean War: The Fight Across the 38th Parallel, Amber Books Ltd.; Dr. Robert J. Thompson III, Clear, Hold, and Destroy: Pacification in Phú Yên and the American War in Vietnam, Oklahoma University Press; Dr. Zachery A. Fry, Fort Belvoir, A Republic in the Ranks: Loyalty and Dissent in the Army of the Potomac, University of North Carolina Press; and Kevin D. Miller, Total Army School System, Know Power, Know Responsibility: How to Unleash the Potential of Every Child in America, Wise Ink Creative Publishing.

Earning Silver Pens for significant articles or chapters of a book are: Dr. Jonathan A. Abel, Dr. David A. Anderson, Lt. Col. William C. Baker, Dr. Gates M. Brown, Dr. Dennis S. Burket, Dr. Richard E. Berkebile, Dr. Steven A. Boylan; Timothy J. Brown, David P. Cavaleri, David S. Collins, Dr. Daniel G. Cox, Dr. John M. Curatola, Michael J. Forsyth, Dr. Zachery A. Fry, Dr. James K. Greer Jr., Dr. John D. Hosler, Dr. Mark M. Hull, Dr. Phillip Hultquist, Maj. Nathan A. Jennings, Chad G. Lemay, Lt. Col. Rafael E. Linera-Rivera, John M. Lorenzen, Donald N. Matcheck, Dr. Richard A. McConnell, Dr. Tony R. Mullis, Lt. Col. Ali N. Omur, Shane M. Perkins, Robert D. Spessert, Dr. Dale F. Spurlin, Dr. Brian L. Steed, Kurt P. Vandersteen, Dr. Mark R. Wilcox and Dr. Donald P. Wright.

Bronze Pens, for short articles, encyclopedia entries, book reviews, op. ed. pieces, letters to the editor, or a body of work were presented to: Dr. David A. Anderson, Dr. Joseph G. Babb, Dr. Gates M. Brown, James F. Buckley , Lt. Col. Michael R. Bundt, Sgt. Maj. Charles L. Burrow, Sgt. Maj. Craig A. Collins, Dr. John M. Curatola, Dr. Thomas E Hanson, Dr. Evelyn Hollis, Sgt. Maj. Sean M. Horval, Dr. John D. Hosler, Edward D. Jennings, Maj. Nathan A. Jennings, Michael S. Jones, James L. Kennedy, Andrew H. Lanier IV and Robert A. Law III.

Dr. Richard A. McConnell, Jesse McIntyre Ill, Dr. John H. Modinger, Mark V. Montesclaros, Rodney S. Morris, Dr. Dean A. Nowowiejski, Robert J. Rielly, Sgt. Maj. Timothy J. Ros, Dr. Paul R. Sanders, Sgt. Maj. Scott J. Schomaker, Dr. Craig Bruce Smith, Robert D. Spessert, Ronald T. Staver, Dr. Barry Stentiford and Dr. Barbara J. Yancy-Tooks also earned Bronze Pens.

The Staff Group Advisor Service Recognition Program is developed by members of the Command and General Staff School faculty and approved by the deputy commandant last fall. The program highlights the value of selfless service and the critical role of the SGA in the student officers’ professional development during the Command and General Staff Officers Course.

Honorees receiving Platinum SGA Certificates for 16 or more academic years are: Dr. Dennis Burket, 16 years; Rich Anderson, 18 years; and Clay Easterling, 22 years.

The Gold SGA certificate is presented in recognition of 12 years of service as a primary Staff Group Advisor. Gold recipients are: Bill Knight, Dr. Frank James, Jeff Holcomb, Rob Mikaloff, Gary Cordes, Jeff Butler, Dr. Dean Nowowiejski, Tim McKane, Brian Leakey, Andy Nocks and DeEtte Lombard.

Honorees receiving a Silver SGA certificate of recognition for meritorious service as a primary Staff Group Advisor for a minimum of eight academic years are: Leo Verhaeg, Ed Jennings, Ryan Rydalch, Marty Leners, Russ Conrad, William (Kenna) McCurry, Alan Lowe, Dr. Mark R. Wilcox, Clay McDaniel, Ken Miller and Bill Pugh.

The Bronze SGA certificate recognizes meritorious service as a primary Staff Group Advisor for a minimum of four academic years. Awardees are: Robert LaPreze, Steven Wiegers, Dennis Linton, Greg Cook, Joe Krebs, Candy Smith, Gregory Thomas, Steve Rosson, Dr. Eric Morrison, Shawn Budke and Ross Brown.

The following SGAs received a certificate of recognition for outstanding service as a primary Staff Group Advisor during academic year 2021: Lt. Col. Damon Wagner, Lt. Col. Brian Stephan, Lt. Col. Mark Allen, Lt. Col. Bradley Allbritten, Michelle Garcia, John Lorenzen, Lt. Col. Adam Cecil, Lt. Col. Josh Stephenson, Lt. Col. Albert Lee, Lt. Col. Michael Stokes, Glen Downing, Christopher Brown, Robert Smith, David Collins, Lt. Col. Mitchell Mabardy, Lt. Col. (USMC) Tom Chhabra, Lt. Col. Ali Omur, Greg Butts, Lt. Col. Tim Tyner, Lt. Col. Julian Stamps, Lt. Col. Jason Weigle, Lt. Col. Jessie Collins, Andy Dietz, Dr. Donald MacCuish, Mike Gibler, Lt. Col. Mark Davis, Dr. David Mills, Peter Minalga, Lt. Col. Dave Lombardo, Lt. Col. Erik Jablonski, Lt. Col. (USMC) Paul Rivera, Lt. Col. Brandon Thrasher, Lt. Col. Seth Middleton, Lt. Col. Ken Moran, and Lt. Col. Matt Marfongelli.

This year, CGSS expanded the SGA Awards to recognize Department of Distance Education (DDE) Primary SGAs and faculty members. Awards are leveled based on the number of distance learning Advanced Operations Courses the SGA advises—first award, 2-6; bronze, 8-14; silver, 16-23; gold 24-30. Awardees are: Gold — John Russell, Dr. David Pierson; Silver — Peter Campbell, Jack Judy, Joseph Curtis, Dr. Paul Sanders, Eric McGraw, Lee Lacy, Robert Haines, Kirby Hanson, Hiram Morales, Dr. Rodney Morris, Alex Hobbs, Ronald Staver; Bronze — Andrew H. Lanier IV, Stephen Tennant, Ross Pollack, Robert Beckel, Vincent Particini, Patrick Cook, Dr. Robert Stevens, Mark Samson, Donovan Rickel; First — Lt. Col. Karren Dill, Victor S. Hamilton, Dawn Hilton, William B. Moen, Lt. Col. Donald Erickson, Bruce Ferrell, Lt. Col. Paul Reeb, and Maj. Jose Lemus.

The Staff and Faculty Council is constituted to represent the issues and concerns of the staff and faculty members. The council’s work provides a forum for staff and faculty to present the issues to the university leadership.

Dr. Rodney Morris, Chairman, Staff and Faculty Council served a minimum of 10 years on the Council and received a Platinum Certificate of Recognition. John Schatzel served a minimum of eight years on the council and received a Gold Certificate of Recognition. Ryan Rydalch, vice chairman, Staff and Faculty council served a minimum of six years on the Council and received a Silver Certificate of Recognition. Bill Knight, Roger Linder, and Barry Stentiford received Bronze Certificates having served four years or more on the council.

Current council members received a Certificate of Recognition for volunteering and currently representing their department on the CGSC Staff and Faculty Council: Cmdr. (USN) John Courtright, Dr. Joseph Blanding, Dr. Gates Brown, Dr. Dennis Burket, Stephen Harvey, Dr. Phil Hultquist, Lt. Col. (USMC) Travis King, Peter Im, Amanda Lousley, Dr. John Modinger, Eric Price and Todd Wood.


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