Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, Supernatural | Photo Credits: CW

In a strange, difficult year, our favorite TV shows took on new meaning — as escapes, as comfort, as a way to laugh or make sense of tragedy, and as a form of connection with friends who were far away. That made it even harder to say goodbye to the shows that ended in 2020, whether they were suddenly canceled like Teenage Bounty Hunters and One Day at a Time or went out on their terms like The Good Place and Schitt’s Creek

Adding insult to injury, some series were even “un-renewed” this year — including, most painfully, Netflix’s GLOW, which was already filming its fourth and final season when production was shut down in the spring. Now, thanks to what Netflix called the challenges of “shooting this physically intimate show with its large ensemble,” that fourth season will never be finished. Losing GLOW, or any TV show, isn’t actually the worst thing to happen this year, but it doesn’t help.

Both GLOW and the similarly un-renewed The Society aired their last episodes in 2019, so you won’t find them on this list, as much as we’ll miss them. (What was the deal with the dog on The Society?? We need to know!) Because we can only mourn so much at a time, we’ve stuck to shows that aired their final episodes this year — and there were plenty of them. From absurdly long-running series to new favorites that were just getting started, here are 10 of the shows that signed off in 2020 that we’ll miss the most. Plus, check out the gallery below for the full list of shows that ended this year.



Final episode aired: Jan. 28

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Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards, Arrow

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Arrow changed the face of The CW almost a decade ago, becoming the flagship series for a shared television universe, not unlike what Marvel has done on the big screen. The show ended with Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) getting a happy reunion with Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) in the afterlife, which was a welcome respite after the hooded hero spent so much of his vigilante tenure tortured and convinced that he had to live a solitary life to keep those he loved safe. The end of Arrow meant the true end of an era for The CW, and it’s strange to think of its universe continuing on without the original show. The solace is that the Arrowverse has been left in very capable, heroic hands. Read our finale recap, as well as actor David Ramsey‘s thoughts on the finale. – Megan Vick


The Good Place

Final episode aired: Jan. 30

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Kristen Bell, William Jackson Harper, Ted Danson, D’Arcy Carden, The Good Place

” data-image-credit=”NBC, Colleen Hayes/NBC” data-image-alt-text=”Kristen Bell, William Jackson Harper, Ted Danson, D’Arcy Carden, The Good Place” data-image-filename=”good-place-finale-group-news.jpg” data-image-date-created=”2020/01/30″ data-image-width=”2070″ data-image-height=”1381″ data-image-do-not-crop=”false” data-image-do-not-resize=”false” data-image-watermark=”false” data-lightbox=”false”>

Before this year went full Jeremy Bearimy, The Good Place walked into its own afterlife with a sincere, emotional series finale. It was an episode about saying goodbye on your own terms, delivered by a show that was able to say goodbye on its own terms. Everyone’s ending was fitting, but nothing has stuck with us this year like Michael’s (Ted Danson) joy at simple human pleasures like burning his hands on microwave dinners and getting a rewards card from a neighbor. In the end, The Good Place gave fans one last look at how to live: gratefully, doing the right thing just because it’s right. “I really, really hope that people look at [The Good Place] and be like, I kind of want to make relationships in my own life feel a little bit more like this,” star William Jackson Harper told TV Guide. Read more of Harper’s thoughts on the end of the show, as well as our series finale review. Plus, check out star D’Arcy Carden‘s ranking of the show’s many Janets.


High Fidelity 

Final episode aired: Feb. 14

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