Tayshia Adams, The Bachelorette | Photo Credits: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Back in my day, Christmas was a dead zone for television, with options being the 342nd viewing of A Christmas Story or some other holiday programming on repeat. You kids these days have it good! This week’s set of picks for the best shows and movies to watch doesn’t just look like every other week, IT LOOKS BETTER. COVID is a horrible, awful thing, but the shutdown of theaters means that two major blockbusters — Warner Bros.’ Wonder Woman 1984 and Pixar’s Soul — will be free to watch at home (provided you subscribe to the right streaming services). Additionally, Netflix knows winter break is the perfect time for a binge and is releasing one of its biggest dramas of the year in Shonda RhimesBridgerton. And wouldn’t you know? One of my favorite comedies returns as well. A merry Christmas, indeed.

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The Bachelorette

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Monday and Tuesday (season finale!) at 8/7c on ABC
Tayshia Adams’ totally ordinary, very normal, in no way unusual journey to find true love comes to a close this week with a two-night Bachelorette finale on Monday and Tuesday. She’s narrowed down the field to just three men after a weird season, in which she came in from the Bachelorette bullpen to take over for starting Bachelorette Clare Crawley, who left the show once she met her one true love after spending like a few hours with him. Tayshia may be the most deserving, normal bachelorette in the show’s history, so let’s watch her squirm through alternating fits of elation and heartbreak through the final two episodes before being pressured to accept a marriage proposal from a guy she’s never seen outside of the resort they’re all quarantining in. The Bachelorette is the weirdest show on television.

The Midnight Sky

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Wednesday on Netflix
Well humans, you’ve done it again. The Earth is an uninhabitable mess in this science-fiction drama from a grizzly George Clooney, who plays a scientist in the Arctic who must warn a team of astronauts in space that the planet isn’t worth coming back to. Everyone’s just trying to survive, man, except the fate of the human race may depend on the astronauts finding another place to land, so they have even more pressure to make it to tomorrow. The movie is bleak, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good. This looks like Gravity mixed with a post-apocalyptic film. 

Wonder Woman 1984

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