Wes Chatham, The Expanse | Photo Credits: Brendan Adam-Zwelling/Amazon Studios

Are you done with your Christmas and holiday shopping? Then reward yourself with a relaxing evening of television. Are you not done with your Christmas/ shopping? Then get it done, and then reward yourself with a relaxing evening of television. Are you scared to death of all the Christmas and holiday shopping you still haven’t even started and looking for something to help you procrastinate? Then, uhhh, watch some television. There’s some great stuff on TV this week, and your mom will only be angry with you through mid-February for not getting her a gift. 

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Couples Therapy

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Special episode Sunday at 8/7c on Showtime
One of the best reality shows I’ve seen in the last several years is Showtime’s Couples Therapy, a fly-on-the-wall docuseries about people looking for help in their relationships. The unfiltered rawness of the show is what sets it apart from others; carefully placed cameras capture everything during therapy sessions, for revealing and familiar issues that we can all relate to. But what made it one of the best reality shows of 2019 was that it also looked into the life of the therapist, Dr. Orna Guralnik, as she grappled with carrying the baggage of the people she counseled — including trips to her mentor that served as her own therapy sessions. This is a one-off special in which Orna talks to her couples in the midst of the pandemic, where these couples are cooped up together. A second full season is still coming, and was probably being filmed with COVID hit, but this will be a nice bridge.  


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Premieres Tuesday on Netflix
The great thing about Netflix is that there are all sorts of gems hidden if you just know which rocks to flip over. The British-Canadian animated series Hilda is one of those, a darling kids show based on the graphic novel that’s full of imagination and wonder at every turn. The titular Hilda is a girl whose curiosity leads her to encounters with all sorts of creatures, from spirits to trolls to gnomes, and she’s accompanied by perhaps the cutest critter in all of television, her pet deerfox Twig (you heard me, Baby Yoda!). This isn’t one of those shows that gets four seasons a year to pump out content as quickly as possible, it’s done with care. Season 1 came out in 2018.

The Voice

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