The Bachelorette | Photo Credits: ABC/Craig Sjodin

This week is another great week of TV. It’s pretty amazing how much stuff the streaming services had banked/were able to finish remotely so people would have stuff to watch as the year dragged on. And there’s also stuff like The Bachelorette, which was postponed, filmed in the summer as safely as possible, and is now ready to go. To paraphrase the homie Dr. Ian Malcolm, “TV finds a way.” 

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Fear the Walking Dead 

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Season 6 premiere Sunday at 9/8c on AMC
The Walking Dead
‘s other spin-off Fear the Walking Dead — this is the old one, not the new one — is back for a new season. The premiere will show how Morgan (Lennie James) survived the near-death experience he had at the end of Season 5, and it’s a pretty exciting episode that goes to some unexpected places. Fear is inconsistent, but when it hits, it hits hard. It will be followed by the second episode of The Walking Dead: World Beyond at 10/9c. 

Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts

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Third and final season premieres Monday on Netflix
The good news: Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts, Netflix’s best family-friendly animated series, was renewed for a third season! The bad news: It’s the final season. But that means it’s not too late to get in on this highly imaginative adventure that’s sure to plaster a smile on your face. Kipo is a relentlessly positive girl in an apocalyptic future where human survivors live underground, but when she’s stuck on the surface among the ruins of civilization occupied by mutant animals, she learns a whole lot about herself and teaches a group of new friends — including a four-eyed pig, a talking bug, and two other young kids — the importance of sticking together. It’s cool too, with a diverse cast and a killer hip-hop/dubstep soundtrack that makes the action-packed sequences as thrilling as anything live-action. It’s one of our favorite shows of the year. —Tim Surette

The Bachelorette

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