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Dancing with the Stars showed why Tyra Banks was the perfect host for Season 29 in the second elimination episode of the season: neither Disney nor Ms. Banks knows the meaning of the word subtle. Done up like a “cool mom” Minnie Mouse who insists on chaperoning at prom and then starts twerking too soon, Ms. Banks opened the show with a runway strut while a mini Electrical Parade went on around her. One’s eyes had to get with the program and embrace the extravaganza, or give up. But why let the eyes rest now? Tonight was Disney night, always a highlight of the season. We got to see a weepy Carole Baskin, quite possibly the first gangster rapper cameo ever (Jeanie’s man, Jeezy), and Derek get really sassy with his comments. 

Here’s what happened, how they scored, and who got eliminated. 

Here’s ABC’s Fall 2020 TV Schedule

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Tyra Banks, DWTS

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Nev Schulman and Jenna Johnson
Argentine Tango / “Angelica” from Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
How They Did:  Wow! Is Nev becoming a legit frontrunner in this game? Nev was smoking hot as Jack Sparrow, nailing the moves with precision. 
Score: 24/30

Skai Jackson and Alan Bersten
Jive / “Almost There” from
The Princess and the Frog
How They Did: Rebounding from last week’s embarrassing tumble, Skai stepped her game up with a seamless, gorgeous routine that looked pretty. The judges were kinda Eh about it though; Derek Hough said he didn’t like it because of where her nose was placed (Who knew your nose could dance? I guess it makes sense, if you’ve got a boogie in it.) 
Score: 18/30

Johnny Weir and Britt Stewart
Rumba to “Reflection” from
How They Did: Legs! Feet! Arms! EMOTION! Johnny served everything and more, dazzling the judges and earning one of the highest scores of the night.
Score: 24/30

Justina Machado and Sasha Farber
Charleston / “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” from
Mary Poppins
How They Did: Justina continued solidifying her position as one of Season 29’s foremost fan favorites, smiling merrily through an energetic, athletic routine. Carrie Ann Inaba said she loved it, but there could’ve been more energy — but it’s hard to see how unless she shot flames from her backside. 
Score: 19/30

Monica Aldama and Val Chmerkovskiy
Waltz / “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid
How They Did: She’s coming along isn’t she? She moved with fluidity and grace, though all the judges told her she needed to watch her feet. 
Score: 21/30

AJ McLean and Cheryl Burke
Quickstep / “Prince Ali” from Aladdin
How They Did: AJ performed well, gliding with dexterity. All the judges loved it, complimenting him on his progress and increasing finesse on the floor. 
Score: 21/30

Anne Heche and Keo Motsepe
Quickstep to “Zero to Hero” from Hercules
How They Did: Looking like a greek goddess who just left a sorority party a little bit turnt up, Heche was solid, if a bit erratic in a few parts. As Carrie Ann said, they lost their calibration a little bit. 
Score: 15/30

Nelly and Daniella Karagach
Foxtrot / “It’s Alright” from Soul
How They Did: Aw! Poor Nelly seems afraid of his feet somehow; he’s clearly a little nervous even though it looks like there’s a dancer in there that wants to come out. 
Score: 18/30

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Carole Baskin and Pasha Pashkov, Dancing with the Stars

” data-image-credit=”ABC” data-image-alt-text=”Carole Baskin and Pasha Pashkov, Dancing with the Stars” data-image-filename=”ejddikgwkaalid.jpg” data-image-date-created=”2020/09/29″ data-image-width=”1024″ data-image-height=”683″ data-image-do-not-crop=”false” data-image-do-not-resize=”false” data-image-watermark=”false” data-lightbox=”false”>