Travis Fimmel, Vikings

If you’re like us, you’ve finished the latest season of History Channel’s Vikings and now you’re just sitting around looking for what show to watch next. Well, bad news: Vikings isn’t coming back for a while and we still don’t know when the second half of the final season will premiere. The series is still preparing for its series finale later this year (the show is currently in the middle of its sixth and final season, but there is a Netflix spin-off coming soon), so it’s time to look beyond Kattegat for the show you should watch after you finish Vikings.

We’ve plowed through all of TV to find shows that all Vikings fans will love. Not all are about Vikings; some follow other groups of warriors throughout history, and some feature more of the medieval swords and shields battles that Vikings has become famous for. If you’re here for more history or just here to see someone get their head cut off, you’ll find what you need in these shows that are similar to Vikings.

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Raised by Wolves

Where to watch: HBO Max

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Travis Fimmel,&nbsp;Raised by Wolves

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You became such a big fan of Travis Fimmel from the early seasons of Vikings (Ragnar!) that you watched Warcraft just to see him again. That was obviously a mistake, but don’t let Fimmel’s latest project, his first TV series role since Vikings, sneak by without a watch. The HBO Max sci-fi series stars Fimmel as a space crusader trying to get his son back from a pair of androids who have taken the child to raise him on a deserted planet. It’s full of questions about parenting and religion, and is hard, weird sci-fi stripped down to its essentials with an assist from Ridley Scott, who executive produces the series and directed the first two episodes. Plus, Fimmel does some impressions of a duck, which shows off his goofy side. 

Game of Thrones

Where to watch: HBOHBO Max

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Emilia Clarke, Game of Thrones

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Here’s the most obvious pick: HBO’s Game of Thrones. In fact, since Game of Thrones predates Vikings by a few years, it’s quite possible you found Vikings because of your love of Game of Thrones. But if for some reason you haven’t seen Game of Thrones, then a) where have you been? and b) you’ll find the only show in the last decade that has better battle scenes than Vikings does. And contrary to what you may have been told, Game of Thrones doesn’t emphasize fantasy elements. Yes, there are dragons, but when author George R.R. Martin crafted the story, he based it on history, specifically the War of the Roses in which several different families laid claim to the crown. It’s your call whether you want to watch the final two seasons, which sadly didn’t live up to the rest of the show.

The Last Kingdom

Where to watch: Netflix

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The Last Kingdom

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