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A.P. Bio is returning with more room to run in its third season and makes the most of it. The show’s faculty members Glenn Howerton, Paula Pell, Patton Oswalt, Jean Villepique, Lyric Lewis, Mary Sohn and series creator/executive producer Mike O’Brien gave a preview of what’s in store at a virtual press conference earlier this summer, setting fans up for a fun new season now that show has moved from NBC to the network’s streaming service, Peacock.

For one thing, Howerton teased Jack’s students will ensure that he can’t get away with his usual crap. “You always have to feel the insecurity that’s behind it all. It’s important that Jack’s bad behavior isn’t rewarded, which it isn’t,” he said. “That’s what I love about Mike and the writers: for as many awful things Jack does and awful intentions he has, there’s always surprising moments of tenderness and bonding. He keeps getting closer and closer to these people and I think he sees a lot of himself in these kids.”

Jack isn’t the only one getting closer to the kids. Administrative aide Helen (Pell) plays a bigger role in the new season as she decides to go back to school and Pell said she was happy for that story because it meant she got to be in scenes the students — and the physical comedy will be crazy. “I have so much fun because…I am an older woman as this character. It’s a blast to portray an older lady that might not be able to do those things, and then suddenly I’m flying across the room,” she explained. “And I do some of my own stunts, but sometimes we have to bring somebody in if they’re going to really be getting up on top of tables and stuff because I can break a chair. I can break a chair with my heft.” 

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And some real life events were brought in for the new season — namely, Lyric Lewis’s real-life pregnancy was incorporated into her character’s storyline. “There’s a belly that was very real,” she teased. “It’s just exciting to explore that and really this season, we had so much fun with my pregnancy. That’s one of the most exciting things — I’m excited for people to see how Mary, Stef, and Michelle handle this new addition to the posse.” 

The students will also grow in Season 3, as the young actors have gotten more comfortable in those roles. “They can just mess around kind of and play. And it’s been really fun to watch them become more confident in that way, more comfortable, more relaxed as actors,” Howerton teased.  “In Season 3…I think they’re not feeling that [Season 1] pressure anymore, so they’re just having more fun. And I think whenever an actor’s having more fun, especially on a comedy, it really makes a big difference.” 

Season 3 of A.P. Bio is now streaming on Peacock.

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Glenn Howerton and Patton Oswalt,&nbsp;AP Bio


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