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 The Flash Season 6 got thrown for a loop when production shut down due to the outbreak of COVID-19, but the show is pushing full steam ahead for Season 7! In fact, some of the banked content that didn’t get to air in Season 6 has already been adapted into a Season 7 trailer, which you can check out above.  

While Season 6 left off on an unexpected and unconventional season finale, the cliffhanger was still effective, and we’re wondering more than ever how and when the series will return to wrap up those dangling plot lines. Iris’ (Candice Patton) Mirrorverse arc, Barry’s (Grant Gustin) synthetic Speed Force, and Eva’s (Efrat Dor) evil plans for Blackhole were all left up in the air, and it’s anyone’s guess how the writers will sort it all out when the show returns.

With so much left unknown, TV Guide is here to tell you everything we do know about the upcoming seventh season of The Flash.

It will return in January 2021. Due to continued production shutdowns worldwide, CW President Mark Pedowitz announced a shift in The CW’s scheduling. “The CW will start its new season in January 2021 when we will launch our regular primetime schedule.” Unfortunately, that means we’ll be waiting on Season 7 of The Flash until the new year.

Production could resume soon. Deadline reports that Warner Bros. TV is hoping to start shooting several of its Vancouver-based shows at the end of August. The studio has put safety guidelines in place and would require a two week self-isolation period.

Season 6 storylines will be wrapped up in Season 7. The Flash Season 6 ended on a bit of a cliffhanger, with Iris vanishing in the Mirror World after seemingly developing some mirror powers. Grant Gustin confirmed on The Flash cast’s Stars in the House appearance that we will get our answers in the new season. “Everything that was kind of left in the air at the end of season six we’re going to tie up at the beginning of Season 7 and then continue on with what the writers have planned,” Gustin said.

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Candice Patton, The Flash

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Hartley Sawyer will not return. Sawyer, who plays Team Flash member Ralph Dibmy (aka Elongated Man) was fired from the series in June after a number of his old racist and misogynistic tweets resurfaced. Showrunner Eric Wallace took immediate action, saying the tweets made him “mad as hell.” There’s no word yet on whether Ralph will be recast or simply written out of the show. If it’s the latter, we can probably assume his new love interest, Sue Dearbon (Natalie Dreyfuss) could also exit.

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There will still be a crossover. Pedowitz also confirmed that an Arrowverse crossover was still in the plans for next season, though it will be on a smaller scale. “It will be a smaller event than usual. We’re only planning a two-hour event… We are talking about doing Superman and Batwoman together at this point with a lot of characters coming from [other] shows, but again, timing is impacted across the board.” Timing for the crossover is obviously subject to current scheduling uncertainties, but the plan is to air the crossover sometime in the February-April window. 

It may not be the final season. Though The Flash is getting on in years for a CW series, showrunner Eric Wallace told TV Guide he has plans for Seasons 8 and 9 of The Flash that he’s started to plot out. Similarly, Grant Gustin told Michael Rosenbaum on his podcast, Inside of You, that before the COVID-19 crisis, he was in talks to extend his contract to include Season 8 and 9.

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Grant Gustin, The Flash

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