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If you were one of the legions of people binging Avatar: The Last Airbender when it hit Netflix in May and are now desperately clamoring for more, you’re in luck. Netflix announced on Twitter that ATLA‘s sequel series, The Legend of Korra, will make its streaming debut on August 14. 

The Legend of Korra picks up after 70 years after the events of the ATLA finale and focuses on the new avatar’s journey to understanding herself, the changing world, and how to bring balance to it all. Korra (Janet Varney), originally a waterbender from the South Pole, has been training in the various elements in secure locations guarded by the White Lotus, but now must move to Republic City to learn airbending from Aang’s son. What she discovers is a world in the middle of an industrial revolution and a chilling divide between benders and nonbenders regardless of element. 

Korra has been lauded for nailing a young woman’s transition into adulthood, and presents a darker, more complex understanding of good and evil than the original series. Between a whole new slate of life altering friendships, terrifying journeys into the spirit world, and a fandom favorite queer pairing that rivals Zutara, Korra is must watch when it finally hits Netflix. And yes, for those of new to the ATLA fandom and haven’t seen Korra before, we do get spectacular cameos from some our faves (Zuko! Katara! Toph!).

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She\u2019s the avatar, you\u2019ve gotta deal with it. The Legend of Korra is coming to Netflix on August 14th in the US.\/r16aGudm7s&mdash; NX (@NXOnNetflix) July 21, 2020\n","provider_name":"Twitter","provider_url":"https:\/\/","type":"rich","url":"https:\/\/\/NXOnNetflix\/status\/1285605463271206912","version":"1.0","width":550}” data-url=”″ data-conversation=”true”>

The Legend of Korra will stream on Netflix August 14. The Legend of Korra is also currently streaming on CBS All Access.

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