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History’s Alone isn’t for the weak. The reality competition plops amateur survivalists all over the globe with one simple rule: don’t die! Whoever can not die the longest without saying, “Uncle” gets a huge bag of cash ($1 million in the current season!) and, better yet, bragging rights over everyone else who just spent the last week on the couch. The authentic ruggedness of the series has made Alone a hit, and the recent arrival of Season 6 on Netflix and the premiere of Season 7 on History has once again allowed fans to watch people hunt frogs and break their legs. How fun!

But once the contestants make it back to the safety of civilization, what do you watch next? I helicoptered into the remote fringes of the streamingverse for shows that are like Alone, whether they be harsh competitions featuring amateurs or educational survival shows hosted by trained professionals. Sharpen that pocketknife, tie that squirrel trap, and grab a handful of tasty moss, because we’ve got seven shows for fans of Alone.

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Where to watch: AmazonHulu (Season 5 and 7)

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Les Stroud, Survivorman

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The granddaddy of survival shows is Survivorman, which ran on various networks from 2004 to 2015, and really kicked off the wave of people being dropped into certain-death situations for our entertainment. Survival expert Les Stroud is plopped into locations from Canada’s unforgiving snowscape to Australia’s skin-boiling outback in each episode, with a specific survival situation to get through. It was particularly notable for being one of the first shows in which the subject is also responsible for filming themselves — which Alone borrows from — really emphasizing true lone survival. Though a crew would follow him at a distance, he was essentially solo. Stroud would later turn Survivorman into a Bigfoot-hunting show for $ome rea$on, but the early seasons are still some of the best survival television out there.

Out of the Wild: Venezuela

Where to watch: Discovery (Season 3)

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Out of the Wild Venezuela

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