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If you miss USA’s fan-favorite legal drama Suits, which came to a close last year after nine seasons, welcome to the club. The show starred Gabriel Macht as the arrogant but charming lawyer Harvey Specter and Patrick J. Adams as his brilliant but fraudulent protégé Mike Ross. The show, which featured as much comedy as it did drama, defied all expectations to become the network’s longest-running series. But now the show has ended, one of its stars (Meghan Markle) is a real duchess after marrying British royalty, and all we have left are our “You Just Got Litt Up!” mugs. But there are plenty of shows that are like Suits that you can watch to give you the same feelings (after watching the show’s actual spin-off, Pearson, of course).

We’ve curated the perfect post-Suits viewing list, featuring other memorable USA shows, excellent legal dramas, and shows with central bromances. If you like Suits, these are the shows you should watch next.

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White Collar

Watch it on: IMDb TV (free with ads), Hulu

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Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay, White Collar

” data-image-credit=”USA Network, USA Network/NBCUniversal via Getty Images” data-image-alt-text=”Matt Bomer and Tim Dekay, White Collar” data-image-filename=”200506-matt-bomer-tim-dekay-white-collar.jpg” data-image-date-created=”2020/05/06″ data-image-width=”2070″ data-image-height=”1380″ data-image-do-not-crop=”false” data-image-do-not-resize=”false” data-image-watermark=”false” data-lightbox=”false”>

Another show from USA Network’s “Blue Sky” era, White Collar should probably be your first stop, as it feels both tonally similar to Suits and is anchored by another strong relationship featuring a mentor and mentee. Created by Jeff Eastin, the series stars Tim DeKay as FBI special agent Peter Burke and Matt Bomer as the highly skilled forger and con artist Neal Caffrey, who becomes Burke’s informant and helps him stop white collar crimes. Their unconventional relationship provides the foundation for a story in which the characters are constantly escaping from situations they probably have no business escaping from, and like Suits, the rest of the cast is also incredibly strong, making the show an easy and pleasurable binge.

The Good Wife and The Good Fight

Watch them on: CBS All Access

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Julianna Margulies, The Good Wife

” data-image-credit=”David Giesbrecht/CBS” data-image-alt-text=”Julianna Margulies, The Good Wife” data-image-filename=”thegoodwife-news.jpg” data-image-date-created=”2016/06/05″ data-image-width=”2070″ data-image-height=”1380″ data-image-do-not-crop=”false” data-image-do-not-resize=”false” data-image-watermark=”false” data-lightbox=”false”>