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Two seasons into Manifest and we’re still only scratching the surface of Flight 828’s mysterious disappearance. Season 2’s shocking finale, in which Zeke (Matt Long) survived his death date after following the Calling, raised even more questions about the fate of the passengers aboard that doomed flight. Was it coincidence or did he somehow beat death by doing what he was asked to do? It’s a mystery that, according to showrunner Jeff Rake, will continue to plague Ben (Josh Dallas) and Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh) as we delve further into the story.

There are plenty of other things to address, like that mysterious plane piece pulled from the ocean, Michaela’s complicated love life, and what will happen to Saanvi (Parveen Kaur) after that deadly showdown with the Major. Plus, what will happen with Grace and Ben’s newborn daughter Eden, who seems to have initiated Grace’s Callings? While we wait for answers to those ever-pressing questions, TV Guide has been gathering all the intel available about this enigmatic series. Here’s everything we know about Season 3 so far.

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Josh Dallas, Manifest

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Manifest has been renewed for Season 3. After a small delay, NBC has officially picked up the series for a third season. The network also took some time to greenlight Season 2 which, according to showrunner Jeff Rake, was likely due to behind-the-scenes negotiations between NBC and Warner Bros., the studio that produces the series. “They’re two different entities so it just takes a minute for terms to be worked out and negotiations to be worked out,” Rake previously told TV Guide following the Season 1 finale. Time to celebrate, Manifesters! New episodes are on the horizon.

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Jeff Rake’s Season 2 recap is the perfect primer for next season. In an eight-minute video, the Manifest creator breaks down everything that happened in Season 2 while also teasing what’s ahead. If you’re confused about that Saanvi twist or are still scratching your head over Ben’s last Calling, this one’s for you.

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Buckle up, Manifesters! Season 3 of #Manifest has been cleared for takeoff on @NBC. \ud83d\udeeb Watch as @jeff_rake recaps the last season and teases what's to come.\/6Wj11yp309&mdash; Manifest (@NBCManifest) June 16, 2020\n","provider_name":"Twitter","provider_url":"https:\/\/","type":"rich","url":"https:\/\/\/NBCManifest\/status\/1272722553845411840","version":"1.0","width":550}” data-url=”^tfw” data-conversation=”true”>

The death date debate will continue. Zeke’s miraculous recovery in the Season 2 finale will jumpstart a new set of theories in Season 3 about the proposed death date and whether Zeke following the Calling is the reason he survived, or if that’s just a mere coincidence.

Ben will be a big believer. The events of the finale left him rejuvenated and firmly believing that in order to survive the death date, one must follow the Callings. Per Rake, he’ll take it upon himself to spread that hopeful message to his fellow passengers–though not everyone will be on board. Some will choose to defy it and the consequences for doing so will also be explored next season.

The methheads will return. We last saw the trio falling through the ice with Cal (Jack Messina), but their fates were left in the air. Rake confirmed that not only will they be back in Season 3, but their presence will leave Ben questioning how they relate to the death date. “The reappearance of those characters is going to force Ben to go back in the garage and try to figure out if the fate of these meth heads in any way contradicts, or otherwise informs, his theories about how they survive the death date,” Rake said.

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We’re going to meet even more new passengers from Flight 828. Kelly Taylor (Julienne Hanzelka Kim) and TJ Morrison (Garrett Wareing) were just the tip of the iceberg. More passengers will emerge next season but not everyone will be friendly. “Michaela and others are going to have very important reasons to communicate with a lot of them,” Rake explained. “We’re going to discover her friends, but we’re also going to discover her enemies and that’s going to really ramp up the stakes as we move into Season 3 and beyond.”

That missing plane piece will play a huge role next season. Season 2 ended with fishermen pulling a part of what is believed to be Flight 828 from the middle of the ocean, which raises huge questions since we saw it blow up on the tarmac in Season 1. As this story catches global attention, questions about how authentic the piece is will invite conspiracies about the passengers and whether they are, in fact, themselves or something else entirely.

Saanvi (Parveen Kaur) faces big trouble. Saanvi will be caught up in a cat and mouse game with police as they investigate the Major’s death, which Saanvi played a role in. As she tries to stay one step ahead of the authorities, questions about whether Vance (Daryl Edwards) can or will help her cover up the accidental murder loom. As she continues to follow the Callings, this brings into question whether or not she’s compromised her ability to survive the death date given that she essentially took another life.

That Zeke-Michaela-Jared triangle will be even more complicated. Michaela married Zeke believing he would die soon and now that he’s still alive, they get another shot at a happy life together. But with Jared (J.R. Ramirez) still around and unwilling to sit on the sidelines any longer, she’ll find herself wondering how both men fit into her life and in what ways can she navigate this romantic conundrum moving forward.

Seasons 1 and 2 of Manifest are now streaming on Hulu.

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Matt Long and Melissa Roxburgh, Manifest

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