Paul Giamatti and Damian Lewis, Billions | Photo Credits: Jeff Neumann/SHOWTIME

It’s an uncertain time for Billionaires. Billions, Showtime’s elevated soap about the cutthroat, dubiously legal world of New York City high finance, is now on a forced hiatus due to the coronavirus shutdown, with Sunday’s seventh episode of Season 5 serving as the finale for now. The rest of the season will be released at a date to be determined once production can be resumed. 

In the meantime, Billions fans can fill the Giamatti-sized hole in their hearts with some of these other great, Billions-esque shows. Because while there’s nothing exactly like Billions, there are a number of shows that have something Billions about them, whether it’s a one percent of the one percent New York City setting, twisty legal and financial dealmaking and double-crossing, flavorful dialogue, or a willingness to be unabashedly fun in a way you don’t always see from prestige dramas. 

Here are seven shows like Billions you should watch if you like Billions

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Brian Cox, Succession

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Succession is the show on this list that’s most like Billions, though it’s more of a comedy and much more critical of the ultra-wealthy than Billions, which sometimes leans too far into lifestyle porn. HBO’s masterful series follows the Roys, a family that controls a global media empire that’s loosely inspired by the Murdochs of Fox. Patriarch Logan Roy (Brian Cox) is old but still as ruthless and cruel as ever, and he plays his children against each other as they fight for their father’s favor and a chance to be named his successor. It checks all the Billions boxes of opulence, backstabbing, and operatic swearing. 

The Good Fight

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Christine Baranski, The Good Fight

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The Good Wife was the most Billions show on broadcast when it was on, so much so that Julianna Margulies is on Billions now. The Good Wife‘s streaming spin-off The Good Fight is the only show that gives Billions a run for its money in terms of pure elevated entertainment value. It stars Christine Baranski as Diane Lockhart, an attorney who fights for liberal causes. But unlike Billions‘ Chuck Rhoades (Paul Giamatti), who uses the prosecutorial powers of his office for score-settling and personal aggrandizement, Diane’s heart is in the right place. The Good Fight has crackling, intelligent dialogue that doesn’t take itself too seriously, just like Billions


Watch it on: Hulu 

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Rose Byrne and Glenn Close, Damages

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