Logan Browning, Dear White People | Photo Credits: Lara Solanki/Netflix

Following the news that The Help had spiked to become the most-watched movie on Netflix amid nationwide protests against racism and police brutality, the streaming service has decided to make an attempt to do better. The platform has launched a Black Lives Matter collection of shows, movies, and documentaries by Black creators, and has added Black Lives Matter as a category under its “Genre” tab.

“When we say ‘Black Lives Matter,’ we also mean ‘Black storytelling matters,'” the company explained in a tweet on Wednesday. “With an understanding that our commitment to true, systemic change will take time – we’re starting by highlighting powerful and complex narratives about the Black experience. When you log onto Netflix today, you will see a carefully curated list of titles that only begin to tell the complex and layered stories about racial injustice and Blackness in America.”

The collection contains a wide variety of titles, including shows like Dear White People, When They See Us, #blackAF, and Pose, movies such as Moonlight, American Son, Malcolm X, and Mudbound, and documentaries like Ava DuVernay‘s 13th, Beyoncé‘s concert film Homecoming, and What Happened, Miss Simone? (If you’re not sure where to start, TV Guide has already curated lists of some great movies by Black directors to watch on Netflix, and the essential shows and documentaries to help you learn about racial justice and police brutality.)

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When we say \u201cBlack Lives Matter,\u201d we also mean \u201cBlack storytelling matters.\u201d

With an understanding that our commitment to true, systemic change will take time \u2013 we're starting by highlighting powerful and complex narratives about the Black experience.&mdash; Netflix (@netflix) June 10, 2020\n","provider_name":"Twitter","provider_url":"https:\/\/twitter.com","type":"rich","url":"https:\/\/twitter.com\/netflix\/status\/1270702290702184454","version":"1.0","width":550}” data-url=”https://twitter.com/netflix/status/1270702290702184454?ref_src=twsrc^tfw” data-conversation=”true”>

Movies like The Help, which is not included in the BLM collection, have been criticized for being told from the perspective of white characters while exploiting Black pain and perpetuating stereotypes, with star Viola Davis even saying in a 2018 interview that she regrets accepting the role. Another of the movie’s actors, Bryce Dallas Howard, recently took to Instagram to give suggestions for other viewing material.

Netflix’s collection is the latest effort in the entertainment industry to make stories about racial injustice widely available, with movies like Just Mercy, the 2019 Michael B. Jordan-starring drama about racism in the American legal system, DuVernay’s gripping historical drama Selma, and The Hate U Give, the 2018 book-to-screen adaptation about activism and police brutality, being made free to watch.

Black lives matter. Text DEMANDS to 55156 to sign Color of Change’s petition to reform policing, and visit blacklivesmatters.carrd.co for more ways to donate, sign petitions, and protest safely.

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Kerry Washington, American Son

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