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The finale of Love Is Blind finally, mercifully revealed which of the five remaining couples actually got married after their whirlwind experiences together in this “experiment.” For those of you who are fully invested and ready for more from the reality dating series, good news! Netflix announced on Feb. 26 that an online reunion special hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey will be available to stream on Netflix and its YouTube channel on March 5.

Netflix will reunite the cast of Love Is Blind to talk about some of the juiciest moments from the 10-episode event series. They’ll also reveal more about what happened after the cameras stopped rolling on their relationships, for better and for worse. Per Netflix’s description, the special will answer all of your most burning questions, like “Which couples are still together?” “What was it really like to watch this unfold all over again?” and “Do they have any regrets?”

Love Is Blind: Everything That Happened in Season 1 on Netflix

The first clip from the reunion was released on Tuesday, March 3 and confirmed that Amber and Jessica will get into it over Jessica’s lingering feelings for Barnett, even after he and Amber committed to each other. The segment, posted by Netflix, shows Amber not mincing words when calling Jessica “shiesty” for throwing herself at Barnett in Mexico.

Indeed, Amber previously told TV Guide that she was “furious” to see how Jessica behaved during the Mexico vacation and that she believed Jessica had been “fake” to her during their own conversations.

Netflix has also teased that this Love Is Blind reunion special will offer “more unexpected twists and revelations from the whole series explained from the couples who experienced it.”

Thanks to Netflix’s photo preview of the event, posted on Twitter, we know that the Lacheys will be joined by all 12 people who got engaged on Love Is Blind, including Kelly and Kenny, Amber and Barnett, Jessica and Mark, Lauren and Cameron, Giannina and Damian, and Diamond and Carlton.

Love Is Blind‘s week one episodes saw several singles pairing off after spending quality time together in their “pods” and getting engaged sight-unseen. They then went on a tropical vacation together to further the show’s experimental formula, and this face-to-face time brought some couples closer, while one pair’s love story came to a crashing halt. The second set of episodes, released last week, raised the stakes for the five pairs who remained engaged as they moved into a shared living space and got to meet each other’s families and friends in preparation for the big day. The finale then showed two successful weddings and a lot more heartbreak, and now we can’t wait to see what’s next.

Here’s How Love Is Blind‘s Amber and Barnett Are Making Their Marriage Work

The cast reunion special will be available on Netflix and its YouTube channel on Thursday, March 5.

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