Angela, an American tour guide living in Rome, meets Oliver, an American business executive who is lost and late for an important meeting on his first day there. Angela helps him, but soon finds herself playing a central role in Oliver’s business deal, as the company owner will only sell to someone who understands the ways of Italy. Oliver hires Angela as his personal tour guide but gets far more than he bargained for, as a romance blooms between them amidst the backdrop of Rome at Christmastime and he must learn that life and business work differently in Italy. Photo: Sam Page, Lacey Chabert Credit: ©2019 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Stefano Montesi | Photo Credits: Stefano Montesi/Crown Media

Welcome to Episode 12 of All I Want for Christmas Is This Podcast, the TV Guide podcast where we break down the most highly anticipated holiday movies of the year.

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In our latest episode, fellow TV Guide contributor Lance Cartelli, host of Survivor Brothers and Big Brother Brothers, joins host Julia Lechner to discuss Hallmark’s Christmas in Rome, starring Lacey Chabert and Sam Page.

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In the film, Chabert plays an ex-pat American tour guide who shows off Rome to a visiting U.S. business executive (played by Page).

Is this the rare Hallmark holiday movie that will make you root for a corporate buyout of a small, family-owned company? Also, would a tour guide’s feet really survive in the heels that Chabert’s character wears?! Listen to find out.

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