Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell, Daddy's Home 2 | Photo Credits: Paramount Pictures

Compared to competitors like Netflix or Disney Plus, Hulu‘s holiday movie offerings leave a lot to be desired. The TV-centric streaming service doesn’t have many holiday movies, and the ones it does have aren’t particularly notable. But there a few fun ones. These are the best Christmas movies on Hulu.

The Spirit of Christmas

This infamous holiday flick is the one where a real estate broker tasked with selling an old inn falls in love with the ghost who haunts it.

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Home for the Holidays

There’s great ’90s style in this Jodie Foster-directed comedy. Look at Robert Downey Jr! The all-star cast is led by Holly Hunter, and also features Anne Bancroft, Charles Durning, and a My So-Called Life-era Claire Danes.

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Daddy’s Home 2

Mel Gibson as Mark Wahlberg‘s dad is inspired Catholic casting, especially because Mad Max is only 15 years older than Dirk Diggler.

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A Fairly Odd Christmas

It’s a live-action Fairly Oddparents movie with Drake Bell as Timmy Turner, whose Christmas wish was for a burner.

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Krampus Unleashed

The evil demon who punishes bad children ruins Christmas in this low-budget horror movie. I’m truly not exaggerating when I say Hulu’s Christmas movie selection is lacking. Check Netflix instead.

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