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A limited series starring Sarah Michelle Gellar and produced by Ellen DeGeneres may be headed your way soon. Fox has ordered a script for the dramatic thriller Sometimes I Lie, Deadline reports.

Based on the debut novel by former BBC News reporter and New York Times bestselling author Alice Feeney, the series follows a woman who finds herself in a coma but can’t figure out how she got there. In a similar vein as Jason Isaacs‘s cult favorite Awake, the story alternates between different timelines as Gellar’s Amber Reynolds pieces together the truth about what happened to her while she remains unconscious.

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The show will travel through various periods of Amber’s life, including her current, comatose state, the weeks leading up to the mysterious event that lands her in the hospital, and 20 years into the past via a series of childhood diary entries. With “a husband who no longer loves her, a sister hiding a dangerous secret, and an ex-boyfriend who can’t let go of her, Amber knows someone is lying and that her life is still very much in danger,” a description of the show reads, per Deadline.

The project was developed by screenwriter Robin Swicord (When They See Us, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button), who will pen the script. In addition to starring, Gellar will serve as an executive producer alongside DeGeneres.

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Sarah Michelle Geller, Hallmark’s Home & Family

” data-image-credit=”Paul Archuleta/Getty Images” data-image-alt-text=”​Sarah Michelle Geller, Hallmark’s Home & Family” data-image-credit-url=”” data-image-target-url=”” data-image-title=”Sarah Michelle Geller, Hallmark’s Home & Family” data-image-filename=”191113-smg-news.jpg” data-image-date-created=”2019/11/13″ data-image-crop=”” data-image-crop-gravity=”” data-image-aspect-ratio=”” data-image-height=”1380″ data-image-width=”2070″ data-image-do-not-crop=”” data-image-do-not-resize=”” data-image-watermark=”” data-lightbox=””>

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