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Filming has been canceled on a massive, violent scene for The Boys Season 2 that was scheduled to be shot in an area still reeling from a deadly attack. As detailed by the Toronto Sun, a proposed scene on the Amazon superhero series, which is currently in production in Toronto, was deemed “disrespectful” by Toronto Councillor John Filion.

The scene in question was set to film in Toronto’s Mel Lastman Square. It would have reportedly involved 450 people and was described by the production company as, “One of the rogue superheroes attacks the crowd. There will be people screaming and running in the scene as well as a considerable amount of fake blood.”

Mel Lastman Square became the memorial site for victims of the 2018 Toronto van attack that claimed the lives of 10 people on the nearby Yonge Street. Filion told the Sun that he “flipped out” at the idea of subjecting locals already traumatized by the incident to more bloody imagery.

“There are people who work in this building, who went out onto Yonge St. to try to help the van attack victims — many of them are still traumatized,” Filion said. “And think about the families and loved ones of those victims. So, I made some phone calls and that second portion was cancelled.”

The councillor added, “It’s not about confusion. It’s about people literally re-living those events. It’s disrespectful to even think of it. Even if nobody had seen anything, it’s still disrespectful. I guess somebody just wasn’t thinking.”

The Sun also said residents had complained about the planned TV shot, according to a statement from City of Toronto spokesperson Brad Ross.

Amazon did not immediately respond to TV Guide’s request for comment.

This isn’t the first time a scene from The Boys has been deemed too inappropriate. In July, co-creator Eric Kripke revealed that the streaming service ordered the removal of a scene that would have involved Antony Starr‘s Homelander masturbating atop the Chrysler Building in New York.

The Boys Season 1 is currently available to stream on Amazon.

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