Aurora Perrineau and Tom Payne, Prodigal Son | Photo Credits: Fox

Bright (Tom Payne) and all of his eccentricities are a lot to handle. However, Bright and all of his eccentricities high on neuron-firing drugs is a whole different beast, and that’s what Dani (Aurora Perrineau) is up against in this week’s Prodigal Son. In an exclusive sneak peek at Monday’s episode, airing at 9/8c on Fox, Bright accidentally ingests a mind-altering substance, leaving Dani to take care of him while he comes down from the drug trip.

But Bright is feeling himself too much in the present moment to listen to Dani’s polite urging to drink water and rest for seven hours. Instead, he wants to do something thrilling like throw axes. He’s talking at frenzied intervals and jumping on the couch like a kid who’s had too much sugar.

“My neurons are on fire!” Bright shouts in the video. “People say that dopamine triggers pleasure but really, it’s about desire.” And what he desires right now is to not be contained.

This Week, Prodigal Son Will Finally Reveal Why Dani Trusts Bright So Much

Dani knows it’s a fool’s errand to try to shut him down, so she diverts his attention to another activity. Dani and Bright share a special connection that allows Bright to actually consider her opinions and helps Dani look past some of his unsavory offenses. They’ve formed an inexplicable bond, but in this clip, Dani is reluctant to call it friendship, at least not yet. This week’s episode will shed some light as to why.

“It’ll make it make sense that Dani has such a connection to Bright and is so forgiving of some of his actions,” Perrineau previously teased to TV Guide. “You get to see Dani outside of her normal cop costume. There’s a little outside world stuff that happens inside this episode.”

Watch Dani take care of Bright in the charming clip above. Then find out why the detective is so fond of her twisted friend when Prodigal Son airs Monday, Oct. 21 at 9/8c on Fox.

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Aurora Perrineau and Tom Payne, Prodigal Son

” data-image-credit=”Fox” data-image-alt-text=”​Aurora Perrineau and Tom Payne, Prodigal Son” data-image-credit-url=”” data-image-target-url=”” data-image-title=”​Aurora Perrineau and Tom Payne, Prodigal Son” data-image-filename=”ps-reg.jpg” data-image-date-created=”2019/10/21″ data-image-crop=”” data-image-crop-gravity=”” data-image-aspect-ratio=”” data-image-height=”1380″ data-image-width=”2070″ data-image-do-not-crop=”” data-image-do-not-resize=”” data-image-watermark=”” data-lightbox=””>

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