Greg Kinnear | Photo Credits: Jill Greenberg

Confirming rumors that had been swirling for months, CBS All Access announced Thursday that Greg Kinnear has joined the cast of The Stand, the streaming service’s upcoming adaptation of Stephen King‘s classic post-apocalyptic horror-fantasy novel. The Little Miss Sunshine star will play Glen Bateman, one of the heroes of the epic tale.

Kinnear joins previously announced cast members Whoopi Goldberg, Alexander Skarsgard, James Marsden, Amber Heard, and Kat McNamara, among many others. This is his second CBS All Access project; he appeared in the Twilight Zone episode “A Traveler” earlier this year.

Glen Bateman is described as a widowed professor who had grown accustomed to a solitary life when the Captain Trips superflu hit. When he encounters other survivors, his curiosity is piqued by Mother Abagail’s (Goldberg) visions. The character was played by Ray Walston in the 1994 miniseries.

The Stand is currently in production. No premiere date for the 10-episode limited series has been announced, but it’s expected in 2020.

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Greg Kinnear

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