Army Wellness Center starts healthy New Year Challenge


Katie Peterson | Staff Writer

The Army Wellness Center’s New Year Challenge officially kicked off Jan. 1, but it isn’t too late to sign up.

“The purpose of the challenge is to promote people to make healthy behavior changes,” said Tessa Brophy, AWC director. “With the support of the Army Wellness Center staff, we hope to encourage participants to try new things, be more active and overall more mindful about their health.”

During the challenge, which runs through April 1, participants accrue points by coming in for appointments, including the initial assessment and follow-up appointments, tracking calories, participating in a five-kilometer run and more. At the end of the challenge, April 1, four overall winners will be chosen. Categories include most weight lost, most improved body composition, most improved performance and most points accrued.

“We encourage every participant to come in and utilize all of our services to include metabolic testing, body composition testing, fitness testing, stress management, health coaching, exercise programming and educational classes on nutrition, sleep, stress and exercise,” Brophy said. “We really hope participants look at this challenge as an opportunity to have fun and make their health a priority.”

Brophy said the AWC sponsors the challenge each year to help people get back on track after the holidays.

“With the stress and business of the holidays, it can be easy to forego our own health and wellness,” Brophy said. “Doing this annually can be a good jump start to getting back on track to not only improving our health, but sustaining our health.
“This challenge directly fits into our mission by improving the health, performance and readiness of the total Army,” she said. “If we can use this simple challenge to help even one person improve their long-term health, we have succeeded.”

Tracy McClung, Munson Army Health Center public affairs officer, said she signed up for the challenge for motivation.

“I had foot surgery a few months ago, and I lost my focus on eating and exercising regularly,” McClung said. “Now that I have recovered, I can get started again on a healthy lifestyle.”

McClung said she and her friend and former coworker, Georgette Diggs, signed up together.
“We walk together on a regular basis, but we felt doing the challenge together will help us push each other a little harder,” McClung said.
The AWC New Year Challenge is open to active-duty service members, family members, retirees and Department of the Army civilians who are 18 and older. For more information or to sign-up, call (913) 758-3403.


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