Deanne Kilian, pediatric nurse practitioner, performs a school physical on Eliana Blanc July 29 at Munson Army Health Center. MAHC can schedule 60 appointments per day for school physicals. Photo by Tracy McClung/Munson Army Health Center Public Affairs

Tracy McClung | Munson Army Health Center Public Affairs

COVID-19 may have delayed school openings this year, but parents of school-age children can still make appointments for school and sports physicals. Munson Army Health Center has set aside 60 appointments per day to accommodate all beneficiaries for their annual school and sports physicals.

“We realize that the school delayed opening has caused parents to wait to see if their children will be attending in-person school this year,” said Col. Garrick Cramer, commander of Munson Army Health Center, “but parents should continue to anticipate that their children will be attending school and possibly playing sports.”

Appointments for school and sports physicals must be renewed each year and waiting to have them done can delay enrollment in school and sports activities.

“An annual school and health physical allows us to examine the children to make sure they are healthy and growing properly prior to sports participation as well as making sure they are meeting their developmental milestones,” said Deanne Kilian, pediatric nurse practitioner.

“Also, that contact allows us to touch base with new families and identify needs they may have.”

All children are checked for current immunizations that may be needed. Current immunizations are a requirement for attendance for all students in Kansas regardless of age.

Cramer said some parents have asked if children will be checked for COVID-19 during their school physical appointment.

“Pre-COVID-19 testing will not be part of a school physical at Munson,” he said.

Children should not be sick or have an injury when they come to a school physical appointment.

“A child cannot be sick and well at the same time,” Kilian said. “We prefer not to have ill children during a well- child appointment because of all the concerns during the pandemic. We want to keep our clinic healthy for our patients and staff.”

If a child is sick, has an injury or needs numerous refills of medications, parents should make an appointment specifically for that condition.

Kilian said parents should fill out the school physical paperwork in advance to allow for a more efficient process during the appointment.

The forms can be found on local Kansas and Missouri school websites, as well as on the MAHC website at For children who are attending the child development center, day care, pre-school or involved in other activities requiring a physical exam, it is the parent’s responsibility to obtain those forms and have them completed before coming to the scheduled exam.

Children should wear comfortable clothing such as athletic attire to allow for ease of the check-up.

Physicals are not available on a walk-in basis. To make an appointment, call 684-6250 or 1-888-269-0109.


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