The Spring Into Reading program at the Combined Arms Research Library runs through May 16. Reading program participants who read , or are read to, at least an hour every week are entered into gift card drawings. To start logging hours, sign up at

Katie Peterson | Staff Writer

The Combined Arms Research Library is one of many services on Fort Leavenworth that has closed because of COVID19 precautions, but the staff are still finding ways to encourage patrons of all ages to keep reading with the Spring into Reading program through May 16.

“You only have to read for an hour and have the chance to win a gift card each week, and, even if you don’t win, you get to travel the world through reading, which is quite a win in my book,” said Sierra Hochstatter, CARL circulation library technician. “Reading is a crucial skill to learn and exercise. Reading doesn’t have to be work.

“Reading cereal boxes, graphic novels and fiction all count toward your reading log. It can be hard to want to read when you don’t like what you are asked to read,” she said. “That is why I encourage everyone to talk with their friends to get book suggestions, check out NoveList (a library database), or Goodreads to get read-alike ideas, and encourage every type of reading no matter how ‘easy’ it is.”

The program is being run through Beanstack, the same program used for CARL’s summer reading program. To sign up for the program, visit

First-time users must create an account before beginning the program and should put Fort Leavenworth as the primary library.

Once an account is created, register for the program and begin earning badges.

“You earn a badge just by registering and more badges by reading each week,” Hochstatter said. “You can read or be read to in order to be able to log your reading time.”

Accounts can be made for each child. To log reading time, select “log reading and activities” under the “challenges” section. All readers who have read an hour each week will be put into the weekly gift card drawing. All winners will receive the gift cards digitally. At the end of the program, readers who earn all challenge badges will be entered into the final drawing.

Hochstatter said she has many hopes for the program.

“I hope that our patrons will reach out to friends to get book suggestions, have book discussions and stay connected,” Hochstatter said. “Reading connects people and, during these unique times, connection is vital.”

Visit CARL’s Facebook page for updates on its programs.


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