Deverick Jenkins | Mission Command Battle Lab

The Mission Command Battle Lab hosted more than 120 future capability developers and subject matter experts from across the experimentation community of practice for the Echelons Above Brigade Limited Objective Experiment No. 7 Oct. 21-25, followed by an analytic assessment from Oct. 28-30.

Futurists representing Forces Command, U.S. Army Pacific, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force and the Coast Guard attended the event, examining the necessary command structure and force capabilities and capacities necessary to overcome the inherent challenges of conducting large-scale combat operations in the Pacific Theater.

Results of the experiment analysis will inform the Army Futures Command’s Future Studies Program, providing the foundation for Army futures concept development. Army concept development is projecting force requirements for the Army out to the year 2035.

Retired Marine Corps Lt. Gen. Richard Zilmer and retired Army Maj. Gen. William Grimsley served as senior advisers, providing senior leader observations and insights to the collected analytic and concept development team.

“As we look to 2035, it is important to understand and maximize joint capabilities integration,” Zilmer said. “While this LOE focuses on echelons above brigade in multi-domain operations, any scenario must understand the larger joint requirements, capabilities, gaps, challenges and global implications.”

The lab also showcased two technical demonstrations during the experiment. The venue gave interested guests an introduction to Integra’s Immersive Wisdom, a virtual reality system that enables collaborative planning in a VR environment.

Also featured was the Shadownet Multi-Domain Command and Control (now known as Joint All-Domain Command and Control, or JADC2), an analytical tool for modeling and comparing friendly courses of action.

The experiment was facilitated by the Mission Command Capability Development Integration Directorate.


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