Paying homage to the Postwide Yard Sale

Prudence Siebert and friends discovered the “Pink Pony” at the 2010 Postwide Yard Sale. The large stuffed animal was intended to just be a gag gift for Siebert’s sister but went on to pose and perform with about 100 members of the community in a mockumentary. Photo by Becky Steed (personal photo courtesy of Prudence Siebert)

Commentary: ‘PCS’ describes decorating style

Prudence Siebert/ Editor/Photographer

When my friends Diane and Scott PCSed to Germany, I became the owner of a bookshelf that would not have survived their move, an aquarium containing their children’s pet gourami, and their tiny “Charlie Brown” ficus tree, which now bends against the ceiling at seven feet tall.

When the Army sent Amy and Johnny to Italy, I received a bedroom dresser and nightstand, plus miscellaneous pet and kitchen items.

And when Donna and Josh moved “home” to Utah after wrapping up their last assignment at Fort Leavenworth, they gifted me their fairly smooshed but comfy couch.

Thus, my house is decorated in “PCS style,” which fits my pragmatic old-soul, farm-girl mentality to make do with what I have and be grateful for what I am given.

The rest of the furniture in my home is also mostly “moving” decor, obtained at the Postwide Yard Sale over the years, including a dining room table and chairs that I reupholstered and a paisley recliner, over which my pets and guests vie for lounging rights.

This recliner, a favorite lounging spot of the author’s pets and guests, is among the “PCS-style” decor in her home. Personal photo by Prudence Siebert

In addition to outfitting my home, I’ve also found several gifts at the Postwide Yard Sale.

I scored a bunch of music CDs for my nephew, who had requested “hair bands and classic country.” Even better, I found him a like-new saddle for his horse for about a third of the price that it would have cost elsewhere.

Most of my Postwide Yard Sale purchases have been pragmatic, but the most epic and hilarious was the enormous stuffed pink horse I found as a gag gift for my sister.

The “Pink Pony” would go on to star in an hour-long mockumentary, bringing out the silly in about 100 members of the Fort Leavenworth community and my family who were featured in the funny flick posing or performing with the stuffed monstrosity.

This year, I’m hunting for a long list of awesome and affordable items at the sale, including something that I can convert into a Little Free Library; gardening miscellaneous like lawn chairs, tomato cages and plant containers; birthday and graduation gifts; and, of course, upgrades and additions for my PCS-styled home.

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