Fort Leavenworth Garrison Public Affairs

Fort Leavenworth recently installed new state-of-the-art water filtration equipment to its existing drinking water plant and will return the installation’s water supply to this system May 2.

The changeover will be seamless to residents and employees with no noticeable change in quality or quantity.

The new granular activated carbon (GAC) filters act in the same manner as Brita, Pur or similar home water filters do by absorbing impurities in the water and will allow Fort Leavenworth to return to producing safe water better than current EPA and state standards. 

In late 2016 the EPA issued a health revised advisory for drinking water for two chemicals — PFOS and PFOA found in firefighting foam — reducing the combined amount from 400 parts per trillion (ppt) to 70 ppt. The Army proactively elected to treat this health advisory as it would a regulatory standard. Army Environmental Command funded the GAC filter addition after Fort Leavenworth’s wells could no longer stay consistently below the new health advisory.

The installation has been purchasing drinking water from Leavenworth Waterworks since January 2018 while American Water constructed the GAC filter system. This system was provisionally certified for operation by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment at the end of March.

The newly certified drinking water plant has the advantages of giving control of water production back to Fort Leavenworth, allowing it to be more responsive to the post’s needs, especially if additional capacity were necessary for firefighting. This is also important in the higher demand summer months when purchased water was restricted by pipeline to the city.

Additionally, the water connection with Leavenworth Waterworks will remain as a backup if ever needed by the post or by the city of Leavenworth.


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