By Charlotte Richter/Staff Writer

Post employees and customers have probably noticed that there has been a change in official e-mail addresses, and voicemail for office landlines hasn’t been functional for several months.

E-mail Migration
Network Enterprise Center Director David Barr the Army’s change from to last spring was made for cost efficiency. Organizations on post have entitlements managers, representatives who are helping facilitate the e-mail migration for their staff.

Barr said the benefits of the new network include the Microsoft Platform and Microsoft Teams, and that installation plans to migrate employees to Army 365 as soon as the end of February 2022.

“The iterations, (we’re) bringing them out one at a time — we just recently rolled Army 365 out to the computers on the installation, and we’re rolling out the newest version of Windows as well,” Barr said. “Office 365 is an effort to try and fix what’s going on (with
login stalling) with Outlook,” Barr said. “That was the reason we went ahead and rolled out Office 365 for the installation.”

Barr said organizations should follow each step of migration carefully — data from the old systems cannot be retrieved if it has not been backed up. Barr said submitting a service ticket is the best way for NEC to know about a problem. He said NEC has resources available to request help on e-mail migration, including the “ftlvn nec” user community on Microsoft Teams.

“They can ask all the questions they need in there. My technicians monitor it all day long, and they’ll answer questions as quickly as they can.”

For more difficult software or hardware troubleshooting for issues not available in the community communications, call NEC at 866-335-2769.

Voicemail capabilities on Fort Leavenworth began to experience failures around June
2021, affecting about 10,000 phone lines. Barr said the failures stemmed from the
35-year-old phone system and a server from the early 2000s — the system failed despite
frequent updates. NEC requested a replacement promptly with funding from CAC.bBarr said integration now depends on training staff and scheduling installation.

“The newer technology is going to give us some things we don’t currently have, which
is the ability to move to a hybrid voice system in the future,” Barr said. “That means
it will still have the regular dial phones, but will also be able to do some voice options de-
pending on how far we want to scale it to.”

Barr said NEC could have materials to test a new voicemail system as early as this week. Barr said new capabilities are typically established in 30 to 60 days, depending on the availability of trained staff and software or hardware requirements.

The Fort Leavenworth Lamp
The Fort Leavenworth Lamp has also experienced some communication issues when Gannett sold several newspapers to CherryRoad Media in October. Messages sent to previous e-mail addresses, such as and those ending in, are not being received. To propose a story or ask questions, e-mail the Lamp’s temporary e-mail address,

To contact the staff over the phone, call 913-684-5267, but keep in mind there is cur-rently no voicemail.


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