By Margaret-Anne Sytsma/Mission Command Battle Lab

The Mission Command Battle Lab hosted more than 30 future capability developers and subject matter experts from across the concept development community of warfighting
functions for the Command Post 2035 Tabletop Exercise No. 1 Dec. 6-10.

Participants attended both in person and virtually, with representatives from Army Futures and Concepts Center, the U.S. Air Force and most of the warfighting function capability developers, for the purpose of examining three possible mobile CP designs for the 2035 timeframe.

The intent was to select one design to continue examining during the remaining events in the CP 2035 Campaign of Learning. The selected design will inform C2 capability devel-opment of doctrine, organization, training, materiel, leadership and education, personnel, facilities and policy solutions for efficient, effective and survivable CPs.

The results of the exercise, which was facilitated by Mission Command Capability Development Integration Directorate, will inform the Army Futures Command’s Future Studies Program, providing the foundation for further analysis, experimentation and collaboration among capability developers, the operating force and other elements of the Army Modernization Enterprise. Army concept development is projecting CPs that will be fully multi-domain operations — for example, dispersed and mobile — capable by 2035.

Retired Col. Gregory Fontenot, the senior adviser, provided senior leader observations and insights to the collected analytic and concept development team.

“The future fight is going to depend on our ability to command and control, while establishing mobile and dispersed CPs to inform the commander’s decision-making,” Fontenot said. “If we are in offensive operations, the command post will need to be able to disperse quickly.”

MCBL also showcased a technical demonstration of the Virtual Multi-Domain Command and Control system during the exercise. Guests were given an introduction to VMDC2,
which uses Immersive Wisdom’s visualization software application that enables collaboration in a virtual environment. Immersive Wisdom’s software allows users to access various types of information from multiple sources, enabling commanders and staffs greater situational awareness and planning capabilities.


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