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Charlotte Richter | Staff Writer

Students and other Army University Library System library card holders can access military and government peer-reviewed journals and more than 208,000 e-books on ProQuest through the Ike Skelton Combined Arms Research Library website.

CARL Resource Librarian Michael Hittson said cardholders can select “A-Z databases” on the CARL homepage and navigate 78 databases available to Army University and the Command and General Staff College, including the EBSCO database, JSTOR databases and ProQuest.

Hittson said students must go through the CARL website to access databases such
as ProQuest but may use the resource from personal and professional devices.

“As a librarian, I can help them find (articles) or get back to them,” Hittson said. “Sometimes, depending on how much time they want to spend with me, I can show
them the advanced parts of (the ProQuest search engine).”

He said the advanced search feature includes boolean logic searches and filters to
narrow publication types during research.

The advanced search also contains a thesaurus that students can use to find alter-
natives to keywords in their research. Hittson said ProQuest is geared toward academic audiences, and military students can find resources in their chosen subject.

“(Searching for articles) is really a combination of databases and Google searching, and also Army doctrine pages.” Hittson said students often request help with citations from ProQuest. While ProQuest has a citation feature that can automatically generate Chicago-style source citations, students can direct questions about correctly citing resources from the database to the Library Resource Center.

Hittson said he encourages students to use the Library Resource Center available at CARL and to build relationships with resource center personnel. Those interested in becoming library cardholders can click on user services under the services tab at to view the criteria for registration and how to begin the registration process.

Hittson said users do not need to be in the Fort Leavenworth area to access CARL
database resources because the library recognizes cardholders in Intermediate Level
Education programs and other positions abroad.

“We do have access for them — we created their own separate library card so those
individuals that are remote can have access to ProQuest,” Hittson said.


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