Munson Army Health Center Patient Advocate Tiffany Dipman talks with Chan Phengphanh about the different options for TRICARE beneficiaries during TRICARE’s open season Nov. 29 at MAHC. TRICARE beneficiaries can make changes to their current TRICARE plan through Dec. 13. Photo by Cyndi Clark/Munson Army Health Center Public Affairs

Tracy McClung | Munson Army Health Center Public Affairs

Munson Army Health Center is dedicated to providing high quality, cost-effective, accessible medical care and health promotion programs to beneficiaries. The MAHC team
strives to treat everyone with dignity and respect and make every encounter the most
pleasant, patient-friendly experience possible.

MAHC Patient Advocate Tiffany Dipman and Assistant Patient Advocate Kathy Budke
are available to talk with beneficiaries about anything that has to do with MAHC.

“If beneficiaries have feedback and they are in the facility, they should stop by our of-fice,” Dipman said. “We are here for compliments, concerns, health benefits or claims, or
anything patients are having issues with, and pretty much any questions about Munson
processes and how things work.”

Dipman said she will answer questions, explain policies, make calls to find answers and
forward feedback to the command. One of the issues Dipman said she would like beneficiaries to know about is bills.

Dipman said she can help beneficiaries find out why bills were not paid and help the claim get filed correctly if applicable.

“I want to help our beneficiaries before they get sent to a collection agency,” Dipman
said. “After that, it is a bit more difficult to clear things up.”

Beneficiaries can help prevent unpaid claims by making sure they have current authorizations for referrals in place and that the service they are seeking is a covered benefit before seeing a provider outside of MAHC.

Dipman said she and Budke also keep a close eye on the Joint Outpatient Experience
Survey results. These surveys are mailed to beneficiaries after a visit with a provider.

“I really encourage everyone to fill the surveys out,” Dipman said. “Not only will it help
us know where we need to improve and what we are doing right, but we receive incentive funds when we score outstanding. The extra funding improves patient services.”

Dipman said their goal is to receive an oustanding rating on the question about overall

“We want to make the patient experience as pleasant as possible,” she said.

Beneficiaries can also fill out comment cards that are available in each of the sections
or submit an Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE) comment.

If a beneficiary can’t reach the patient advocates by phone (voicemail is down across post), drop by their office in the facility or send them an e-mail with phone number

“Patients are the heart of our organization, and we want to make sure that your patient
experience is the best,” Dipman said.

Dipman and Budke are available for walk-in consultations in their offices, rooms
1C006A and 1C005 in the main health center, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through
Friday. Contact Dipman at 684-6211 or and Budke at
684-6110 or


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