Munson Army Health Center Pharmacist Jason Brozer shows the new MedsOnCue platform to Kathy Sheehan Nov. 29 at the MAHC Pharmacy. The MedsOnCue system offers instructions on how to use medication, shows medication facts and has the option to store the information on a phone. Photo by Cyndi Clark/Munson Army Health Center Public Affairs

Cyndi Clark | Munson Army Health Center Public Affairs

The Munson Army Health Center Pharmacy staff are ready to help beneficiaries navigate changes that are starting in mid-December.

The first big change to pharmacy service happens a few weeks before the start of the
new year. As of Dec. 15, Walmart and Sam’s Club will no longer be TRICARE in-network

TRICARE pharmacy co-payments will change Jan. 1, 2022, for beneficiaries, with the
exception of active-duty service members, dependent survivors of active-duty service
members and medically retired service members and their dependents. It is important to
remember the cost changes depend on the drug tier of the prescription, whether the
prescription is filled at a military pharmacy, a network retail pharmacy, a non-network
retail pharmacy or via TRICARE Home Delivery.

“The military treatment facility is always the cheapest option,” MAHC Pharmacy Chief
Maj. Gregory Hare said. “We charge nothing, whereas if you go out to a retail pharmacy or mail-order pharmacy, you’re going to have to pay a co-pay. We can fill a much larger, expansive medication since our conversion to MHS Genesis.”

MAHC has responded to patients’ concerns regarding long wait times on the
phone lines, and improvements have been made to the call center. The pharmacy lobby
has been open since October, and patients are encouraged to use the Q-Anywhere
“Get in Line” system.

With the MedsOnCue system, patients can now scan a QR code on their Munson Army Health Center Pharmacy prescription labels to get information about the medication. Submitted photo

“We’ve added more lines,” Hare said. “Our staff are eager to meet our patients again face-to-face — that’s probably the best way, if people need something urgently or more acutely to come on inside. We can provide one-on-one patient care, that counseling and answer any questions that people have.”

The MAHC Pharmacy offers the MedsOnCue digital platform. Locate the QR code on the prescription, then open a phone camera or QR code reader to access information about the prescription. By using this feature, patients can watch a short video about their medications, read the information sheet normally printed and view a high-quality image of the medication.

“The new MedsOnCue feature has information on the prescription, helpful videos — if it’s an inhaler, for example, it will show our patients how to use it,” Hare said. “It will allow patients to take their prescription information with them everywhere they go. We’re excited for this effort to align and standardize our services, some of the information we provide on our medications with the Defense Health Agency, as well as going green.”

The MAHC Pharmacy staff know these changes can be overwhelming. Hare said the
pharmacy staff is trained and up to the task of helping with whatever issues and questions may arise.

“Our monthly trainings help ensure our staff has the tools and the knowledge to set
us up for success, to take care of our patients,” he said. “We keep our patients at the center of all that we do.”

The MAHC Pharmacy is open until noon on training days, which is usually the second Wednesday of the month. For more information on the MAHC Pharmacy, go to


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