Leaders, senior mentors and observer-coach trainers from Operations Group A, Mission Command Training Program, conduct an “azimuth check” meeting Oct. 4 at Grafenwoehr Training Area in Germany during warfighter exercise 22-1. The meeting was a daily briefing on the progress of the training audience’s battle against the world-class opposing force. The exercise involved V Corps commanding the Army's 3rd Infantry Division and 34th Infantry Division in a large-scale combat operations scenario against a peer threat, notionally based in Europe. The personnel pictured were all vaccinated and had negative COVID testing results before the exercise. Photo by Maj. Orlandon Howard/MCTP Public Affairs

Maj. Orlandon Howard | Mission Command Training Program Public Affairs

The Mission Command Training Program executed its first warfighter exercise of the fis-cal year to support the training and certification of the Army’s V Corps in a training envi-ronment distributed across Fort Stewart, Ga.; Fort Riley, Kan.; and Grafenwoehr Training
Area in Germany, Sept. 26 through Oct. 6.

“Warfighter Exercise 22-1 served as the capstone training event for this headquarters, certifying us as the Army’s fourth warfightingcorps,” said Lt. Gen. John Kolasheski, com-manding general, V Corps.

The exercise involved V Corps commanding the Army’s 3rd Infantry Division and
34th Infantry Division in a large-scale combat operations scenario against a peer threat,
notionally based in Europe. It allowed VCorps to train and demonstrate its ability to
command and control combat divisions and a diverse set of combat enablers to perform
multi-domain operations against a formidable adversary.

“The warfighter is a nine-day sprint in large-scale ground combat operations. It is rigorous, complex and very time intensive,” said Col. Robert Molinari, Chief of Operations Group A, MCTP. “It’s the only time our corps and divisions are collaboratively immersed against an unfriendly competitor where they’re forced to really understand and improve their wartime mission.”

The simulation presented some challenging scenarios for V Corps against MCTP’s
world-class opposing force. It allowed them to experience firsthand the complexity of conducting multi-domain operations and the gravity of large-scale combat operations.

It exercised all of V Corps’ warfighting functions and elements of combat power across domains with heavy emphasis on lethal and non-lethal fires and employment of all its information-related capabilities. It also allowed replication of military deception that V Corps and the OPFOR performed against one another.

Multi-domain operations entail operating in all domains (sea, land, air, space, cyber)
simultaneously. The new operating concept has driven the Army to modernize its training
for great power competition. Warfighter exercises’ newest capabilities are a product of
MDO modernization efforts by Training and Doctrine Command to keep pace with evolv-ing operational environments and Army doctrine.

“The rigor and complexity of the warfighter allowed (V Corps) to build their team and
better understand each other,” Molinari said. He said V Corps participants gave 110 per-
cent daily and were receptive to coaching and observations.

“Every single day, across the board, they got better, which I know will assist them going forward with whatever requirements U.S. Army Europe-Africa has for them,” Molinari

Re-established only a year ago, V Corps is now officially trained and ready as it assumes its new post as the U.S.’s forward-deployed corps in Europe. The new formation gives the U.S. European Command a command-and-control capability to support U.S. interests, allies and partners in the region, according to Army officials.

“The difference between this exercise and the last exercise is that this is like our exam,”
said Sgt. Maj. Michael Lamkins, operations, training, and plans (G3/5/7) sergeant ma-jor, V Corps. “Coming through this exercise successfully and meeting our training objec-tives signals to the United States Army, the Department of Defense, and, frankly, to the
whole world that V Corps is ready to assume its role as a warfighting headquarters.”


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