Erich Eshelman, with dog Lola, punches control point No. 5 for 15 points during the Turkey Day "Score-O" Orienteer Meet Nov. 21 near the Lewis and Clark Center parking lot. Team Eshelman — Erich, Diana, James, Olivia and dog Lola — scored 70 points in 56 minutes. Photo by Susy Stephens

Connie Carpenter/Fort Leavenworth Adventure Series

The Get Ready for Turkey Day Orienteer Meet tested participants’ attack strategies Nov. 21 as the event’s Score-O format placed emphasis on racers’ abilities to develop an effective attack plan and to manage their capture strategy within a compressed timeframe.

Each navigational control offered a point value with each division having a maximum time limit of one hour, one hour and 30 minutes, or two hours. Orienteers failing to cross the finish line within the designated time limit faced a reduction in points or time penalty.
Team Star Wars — father-and-son Kurt and Calvin Roberts — placed first in the one-hour division accumulating 70 points and eight controls in 44 minutes.

Father-and-son Team Star Wars, Kurt and Calvin Roberts, sprint toward control point No. 1 for five points during the Turkey Day “Score-O” Orienteer Meet Nov. 21 by the Circle of Firsts. Team Star Wars captured 70 points in 44 minutes. Photo by Susy Stephens

Team Hanley — Brian, Melissa, Brendan, Sara and Avery Hanley with dog Cooper — led the 1.5-hour division by developing an attack plan that prioritized longer distant/higher-point valued controls. Team Hanley scored 330 points and 10 controls, crossing the finish line with a minute to spare.

Team The Show — John, Joy, Aiden, Ethan, Gavin and Evelyn Thomas with pup Maximus — battled Team Bogleinskies — father-and-daughter Everett and Claire Bogle — for first in the two-hour division. In a close finish, Team The Show topped the leader board by capturing 465 points and 13 controls in 1:54. Team Bogleinskies claimed 435 points and 18 controls in 1:57.


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