Katie Peterson | Staff Writer

Department of the Army Police are asking Fort Leavenworth residents to keep appropriate noise levels in their vehicles as defined in Combined Arms Center and Fort Leavenworth Regulation 190-5, which regulates on-post traffic and parking.

The regulation states that motor vehicles should not be operated in a way that creates excessive noise that disturbs other people. Music and other noise from within a vehicle should not be heard 100 feet from the vehicle if the windows are open, or 50 feet from the vehicle when the windows are closed.

The regulation also forbids loud revving of the engine and squealing tires.

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While DA Police and Military Police will not hand out tickets with monetary fines for excessive noise levels, a DD Form 1408, Armed Forces Traffic Citation, can be issued, points can be assessed and the chain of command will be notified.

“There is no state law, only city ordinances that cover loud music from a vehicle,” said Lt. Randall Collins Jr., traffic officer-in-charge. “However, as a community, we would like to remind everyone that a large population of individuals that live on the installation work shifts to include overnights.

“Whether in a vehicle or at your residence, please be respectful and courteous of others and their families,” Collins said. “Let’s be the best hometown in the Army.”


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