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Even though the Department of Defense extended the Army’s stop-move order through June 30 because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Fort Leavenworth is still working to help outbound and inbound personnel transition to their next duty station on time.

“I am tracking every (family) very, very closely,” said Garrison Commander Col. Harry Hung during the live Fort Leavenworth Community Update May 1 on Facebook.

Outbound personnel

For those who are expecting to be outbound within the upcoming weeks, exceptions to policy have been submitted. ETPs are expected to be granted to graduating Command and General Staff Officer Course and School of Advanced Military Studies students before the stop-move ends.

Personnel who are not students and are scheduled to move before June 30 should contact their chain of command to see if an ETP has been submitted.

“If none has been submitted, your move will be placed on hold and will potentially get rescheduled,” Hung said. “If your chain of command is also assisting you in getting your orders amended, they’ll do that through either your enlisted branch manager or your officers branch chief at the Human Resources Command. If an ETP was submitted, please provide that to the Transportation Office, and they’ll keep you moving along.”

Those who have expiring leases and whose landlord will not extend a lease through a new permanent-change-of-station date should take a copy of the terminating lease and a note from the landlord to the Transportation Office. Transportation will schedule a pick-up and delivery or a pick-up and local storage. Those who need a temporary place to live should call the Garrison COVID-19 nonmedical hotline at 684-1776.

For those traveling overseas, passport applications for military dependents were suspended April 9 by the State Department. For complete passport information, e-mail usarmy.leavenworth.407afsb-lrc.mbx.passports@mail.mil.

To contact the Transportation Office, call 684-5656. To contact Legal Assistance, call 684-4944.

For personal property information, e-mail usarmy.leavenworth.407-afsb-lrc.mbx.ppso@mail.mil.

Inbound personnel

For incoming students, the Army is approving a new list of officers attending the full CGSOC and SAMS courses and the adjusted start dates. CGSOC begins Sept. 8.

“As soon as that is released, I will be reaching out to each officer and providing you more instruction as part of the PCS experience coming into Fort Leavenworth,” Hung said. “This will include the 14-day mandatory quarantine requirement.”

Additionally, for Army personnel, the PCS leave length is less than 10 days. Members of other services should contact their Human Resources personnel to determine the length of leave allowed.

“The intent is to move you and your family directly from your station to Fort Leavenworth to prevent contracting this virus,” Hung said. “I know many of you want to see families, but additional travel locations and extended periods put your family at risk.”


Once outbound personnel receive orders, those who live on post must submit a “Notice to Vacate” with a leave date to Fort

Leavenworth Frontier Heritage Communities.

“They need to consider their transportation timeline, including pack-out dates and cleaning,” said Joe Gandara, FLFHC community director.

A pre-inspection will be scheduled if one has not already been completed for CGSOC and SAMS students.

“An additional inspection is not required unless the residence has had some significant damages since the first inspection,” Gandara said.

Call the FLFHC office at (913) 682-6300 or e-mail fhc@tmo.com for more information.

Inbound personnel need to fill out an application for on-post housing before arrival.

“I encourage every person to apply for on-post housing,” Hung said. “The convenience, the camaraderie you’ll build with your small group and your teammates, the access to on-post resources, the best school district in the state of Kansas, and, most importantly, the kinds of safety measures that we have on this installation all make this a logical, but also, just a great choice.”

More options are available including the newly renovated Infantry Barracks apartments and other historic homes.

“This is all thanks to the Army’s focused attention on Fort Leavenworth as part of the summer surge,” Hung said. “You’re part of one of the first installations as part of the (Army) chief of staff’s priority on people and families and the PCS experience.”

All housing applications should include a date of rank, family composition, ages of children, and preference on neighborhood and type of home. Applications are available at frontierheritagecommunities.com.

From there, families will be notified of an exact address and move-in date or be told where they are on the waitlist.

“We will be deliberately spreading this out week by week,” Hung said. “We will be prioritizing families with high-schoolers, followed by school-aged families, then those with kids, followed by couples and geo-bachelors.

“This whole process is not a first-come, first-serve,” he said. “When you show up has no bearing on which set of quarters you get.”

All families arriving on Fort Leavenworth will be required to quarantine for 14 days.

“(Quarantining) is not a housing requirement, but a Garrison requirement,” Gandara said. “If you are told you have to quarantine, plan that in the date you request housing to be ready.”

For the most up-to-date information regarding summer transition and other Fort Leavenworth related plans, watch the live community updates Hung hosts at 5:30 p.m. every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on the Fort Leavenworth Facebook page.


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