Shoppers, donning facial coverings, wait in line six feet apart to enter the store April 14 at the Fort Leavenworth Commissary. The Commissary will begin pick-up services April 17 for post residents who are in quarantine, in isolation, considered high-risk or have a servicemember deployed. Photo by Prudence Siebert/Fort Leavenworth Lamp

As part of the initiative to maintain social distancing because of COVID-19, the Post Exchange and the Commissary are implementing pick-up options for customers. 

Post Exchange

Customers can now pick up their orders curbside at the Post Exchange. Place an order at, select “Store Pickup” and “Fort Leavenworth” and then check out and pay. A notification will be sent when the order is ready. Customers park in designated “Curbside Pickup” parking, then text their name, order number and parking spot number to (913) 547-1786 for delivery. Photo by Prudence Siebert/Fort Leavenworth Lamp

PX customers can place orders at and select the “pick-up in store” option at checkout. Once the order is received, an Exchange employee will call the customer to set up a date and time of pick-up. 

At the scheduled pick-up time, customers are to part in one of the designated pick-up parking spots, call the number and an employee will bring the customer’s order. 

“The Exchange is leaning forward to protect its customers and associates in these uncertain times,” said Mary Omler, Exchange general manager. “Curbside service lets soldiers and their families get their essentials while maintaining physical distance. It’s a win-win.” 


Fort Leavenworth Commissary pick-up services begin April 17. Pick-up will be available from noon to 4 p.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday for on-post residents in quarantine, isolation, considered high-risk or who have a deployed service member. 

To place a pick-up order, call 684-4010. Orders can be placed as early as 10 a.m. on pick-up days. 

Once a customer is verified to meet the criteria above, a volunteer will take the customer’s order over the phone and then read the order back to the customer. The volunteer will then verbally confirm the customer’s phone number and vehicle information. The volunteer will complete the shopping and then call the customer when the volunteer is in the checkout line. 

After the transaction is finished, the cashier will suspend the transaction and take the receipt to the supervisor who will call the customer for his or her credit or debit card information to process the payment.

Three receipts will be printed — one for the store, one for the customer and one to be attached to the original order form. 

Upon the customer’s arrival, he or she is to pull up into the designated spot in front of the Commissary and the volunteer will bring the order to the car and load it. 

Credit or debit cards are only accepted for pick-up orders. Orders made at 4 p.m. must be picked up before the Commissary closes at 6 p.m. 

Each order must have a minimum $20 total and a max count of 250 items. The list of items that are included in curbside pick-up will be released on social media and available to volunteers to verify. 

Volunteers are made up of personnel from the 15th Military Police Brigade, the Sergeant Audie Murphy Club, and the Association of the United States Army, under the charge of Sgt. 1st Class Jimmy Divito, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 40th Military Police Battalion (Detention), and Staff Sgt. Paul Michaud, SAMC public affairs officer. “We’re still working it, we’re getting more details, solidifying the plan today and tomorrow and Friday hopefully everything will go without a hitch,” Michaud said.


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