Connie Carpenter | Fort Leavenworth Outdoor Adventure Series

The Tinsel 20 Orienteer event Dec. 14 presented formidable conditions for even the hardiest outdoor navigators. While the forecast called for above freezing temperatures with a slight breeze, orienteers encountered cloudy skies, a continuously gusting north wind and dropping temperatures.

Undeterred by the conditions, seven orienteers trekked across the post in search of controls. The event incorporated a festive theme where 20 navigational markers were placed at assorted holiday-inspired locations. Racers captured navigational points on front lawns decorated with inflated Santas, mini-winter wonderlands and historic homes adorned with festive holiday packages, garland and large red bows. Themed controls were also at a four-story chimney stack, a fireplace (the firehouse), holiday greeting cards near the 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion Monument and a “Frohliche Weihnachten” clue adjacent to the Berlin Wall landmark.

The orienteer event included a variety of solo competitors ranging in age from 17 to 72 years old.

Mike Eglinski topped the olympic course securing 20 markers in 51 minutes.

Mary Jones led the female division clearing the course in one hour, 15 minutes.

Reta Roe served as the event’s master orienteer completing the course in 1:39.

Team Bulldog, Craig Arnold and Australian shepherd Shadow, secured 20 controls in 1:16.

Junior orienteer and Fort Leavenworth Scout Makenna Harris, Troop 166, navigated the introductory course in her quest to gain rank advancement from second class to first class in Scouting BSA. To meet advancement requirements, Harris navigated the two-kilometer course using a compass and a navigational map. She scored four markers in 29 minutes.

The 2020 Fort Leavenworth Outdoor Adventure Series will begin March 7. Upcoming Adventure Series information will be posted at


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