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Mildew and mold are common in this part of the country because of the warm and moist climate that this season brings. Even though mold spores are always in the air, the types that cause mildew need moisture and can only grow in certain temperatures. This type of fungi can be found on many different surfaces and can be assisted by Kansas weather.

Mold spores, like plant pollen, spread through the air and are commonly transported by shoes, clothing and by other means. When excess moisture is present inside a dwelling, mold can grow, and appropriate precautions should to be taken.

In order to minimize the potential for mold growth in a residence:

• Keep the dwelling clean, particularly the kitchen, the bathrooms, carpets and floors.

Regular vacuuming, mopping and using a household cleaner to clean hard surfaces are important to remove the household dirt and debris that harbor mold or can be food for mold.

Immediately throw away moldy food.

• Remove visible moisture accumulation on windows, walls, ceilings, floors and other surfaces as soon as reasonably possible.

Look for leaks in washing machine hoses and discharge lines, especially if the leak is large enough for water to infiltrate nearby walls.

• Turn on exhaust fans in the bathroom and kitchen before you start showering or cooking with open pots.

When showering, be sure to keep the shower curtain inside the tub or fully close the shower doors.

Experts recommend that after taking a shower or bath to wipe moisture off of shower walls, shower doors, the bathtub and the bathroom floor, and leave the bathroom door open until all moisture on the mirrors and bathroom walls and tile surfaces has dissipated.

Hang up towels and bath mats so they will completely dry out.

Promptly notify Fort Leavenworth Frontier Heritage Communities by calling the management office or submitting a work order for any of the following:

• Evidence of a water leak or excessive moisture in the residence, as well as in any storage room, garage or other common area.

• Evidence of mold or mildew-like growth that cannot be removed by simply applying a common household cleaner and wiping the area.

• Failure or malfunction in the heating, ventilation, or air conditioning system in the residence.

• Inoperable doors or windows.

FLFHC will respond in accordance with state law and the lease to repair or remedy the situation, as necessary.

In order to avoid mold growth, it is important to prevent excessive moisture buildup in the dwelling.

Failure to pay prompt attention to leaks and moisture that might accumulate on dwelling surfaces or that might get inside walls or ceilings can encourage mold growth.

Prolonged moisture can result from a wide variety of issues such as:

• Rainwater leaking from roofs, windows, doors and outside walls, as well as flood

waters rising above floor level.

• Overflow from showers, bathtubs, toilets, lavatories, sinks, washing machines, dehumidifiers, refrigerator or air conditioning unit drip pans or clogged up air conditioning condensation lines.

• Leaks from plumbing lines or fixtures, and leaks into walls from bad or missing

grouting/caulking around showers, tubs or sinks.

• Washing machine hose leaks, plant watering overflow, pet urine, cooking spills, beverage spills and steam from excessive open-pot cooking.

• Leaks from clothes dryer discharge vents, which can put lots of moisture into the air.

• Insufficient drying of carpets, carpet pads, shower walls and bathroom floors.

If any of these issues occur, contact the FLFHC Maintenance Department at 913-651-3838 and schedule a general work order to have a service technician make the proper repairs. The maintenance department may also need to be contacted if mildew is a recurring issue in a home.

Housing offered to Military Retirees and DOD Civilians

FLFHC is now offering leasing opportunities to military retirees and Department of Defense civilians. Fort Leavenworth has much to offer families including a safe and secure environment in which to live, work and play; excellent schools; and convenience to Kansas City, the surrounding metropolitan area and the many attractions the Midwest has to offer.

Contact FLFHC for details and availability. Select neighborhoods and a variety of homes and styles are available; restrictions may apply. A few of the amenities include lawn service, 24-hour maintenance services.

Upcoming Events

In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, FLFHC is having a “Pot of Gold” contest. Stop by the FLFHC office during normal business hours for a chance to win a gift card. All submissions must be received by today. 

The children’s coloring contest coloring sheets are available in the FLFHC office and at www.ftleavenworthfamilyhousing.com. All submissions must be received in the FLFHC office by March 25th. The coloring contest winner will receive a prize and have his/her artwork published in the April FLFHC newsletter. 

Stop by the outdoor patio at the FLFHC Community Management Office at 220 Hancock Ave. March 21 for lemonade and cookies to celebrate the first day of spring, weather permitting. Updates will be posted on Facebook.

FLFHC is conducting a photography challenge. Photos need to be uploaded to Facebook on March 21 for voting through March 28, and winners will be announced shortly after. Categories are: Architecture, Military Life, Nature/Scenic, People and Wildlife. Winners will receive a $25 gift certificate to a local business.

Utilities/Conservation Tip

Recycle whenever possible. Recycling lowers the need to use energy for activities such as extraction of raw materials, transportation and manufacturing.


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