Karah Marshall/Fort Leavenworth Frontier Heritage Communities

Every year, ahead of the summer PCS season, Fort Leavenworth Frontier Heritage Communities conducts pre-inspections for the Command and General Staff Officer Course and School of Advanced Military Studies students who will be leaving Fort Leavenworth.

These pre-surge inspections take place over the course of three weeks and are strategically scheduled to make the move-out process easier on both the resident and the housing turn team. The schedule for pre-inspections is below.

Feb. 22 (Week 1): Tuesday, Infantry Barracks; Wednesday, Kansas 790-796/7th Cavalry/Hatch/Grierson; Thursday, 1st Cavaly/1st Cavalry Court/Hunt Loop/Hunt Court; and Friday, Lower Kansa/Main Post/Normandy/Wint.

Feb. 28 (Week 2): Monday, Kansas Avenue – Odd; Tuesday, Kansas Avenue Even; Wednesday, 6th Infantry – Odd; Thursday, 6th Infantry – Even; and Friday, Biddle/Pick/Rose.

March 7 (Week 3): Monday, Hollowell Court/Hollowell Drive; Tuesday, Dodge/Dragoon/Johnson/Kansas 801815/Swift; Wednesday, 4th Artillery/Allen/Hunt Road/Williams; and Thursday, 3rd Infantry/Harry Bell/Upper Kansa.

If a service member needs to reschedule a pre-inspection, call Lead Inspector Christopher Terry at 816-627-9114. Upcoming Events The FLFHC offices will be closed Feb. 21 for Presidents Day.

Feb. 28 is National Dog Biscuit Day. Stop by the Community Management Office at 220 Hancock between 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. to pick up a dog biscuit.

For more information contact Karah Marshall at 913-651-3838 or kmarshall@tmo.com.

Utilities Tip

Save money by unplugging appliances not in use. Phantom energy, the energy that appliances use when they are plugged in but not turned on, can cost an average of $100 per year.

Stay up to date by adding FLFHC on Facebook or visiting the website at www.ftleavenworthfamilyhousing.com for downloadable forms and other information.


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