By Charlotte Richter/Staff Writer

As the Midwest anticipates snowfall, the Department of Public Works and Fort Leavenworth Frontier Heritage Communities offer guidelines on snow removal responsibilities for post, housing and residents to clarify expectations and help create a safer environment.

Main Post
DPW is responsible for all snow removal on the installation except in housing. DPW Operations and Maintenance Manager Jerry Clark said a small crew is assigned to clear roads and walkways other than sidewalks immediately adjacent to buildings and doorsteps. DPW pre-treats hazardous intersections and roads, when possible, for
efficient snow removal and increased safety. Snow removal takes about two hours or more based on snowfall and maintenance.

Clark said the crew prioritizes the main route through post. He said clearing the main road ensures the workforce can access the correctional facilities and other administrative buildings.

“After we get the main artery cleared, we work on secondary roads and parking lots. The building occupants’ responsibility is to get the snow from the door to the curb.”

Clark said that parking government vehicles away from the main entries of the buildings helps make snow removal easier. He said the community should be alert for snow removal equipment operators and give them the right-of-way.

DPW issues snowmelt to the workforce and administration buildings. Contact DPW to coordinate snowmelt pick-up at 913- 684-7741/7747. The assigned building manager for each agency or organization can address other snow-related questions.

FLFHC offers guidelines for snow removal responsibilities, which are also outlined in the December edition of its monthly newsletter.

FLFHC snow removal services begin when two inches of snowfall accumulates. Snow removal services are available seven days a week, including holidays and after hours. FLFHC also pretreats roadways, school zones, stops, starts and hills before
predicted snowfall. FLFHC snow removal prioritizes starts, stops, hills, all roadways,
school sidewalks and crosswalks, deployed spouse driveways and sidewalks (for those registered with the FLFHC deployed spouse program) and then remaining sidewalks and parking lots.

Residents are responsible for snow and ice removal from their doorways, driveways, sidewalks, and shared roads or sidewalks alongside the residence. During FLFHC organized snow removal, residents should park cars off or away from roadways, when possible, to ease snow plow operations.

When extreme weather conditions cause gate closures, FLFHC returns to regular snow removal services within 24 hours of reopened gates. When necessary, FLFHC activates additional personnel and equipment to clear snow.


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