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With the turn of the season comes colder mornings, fall leaves and the common household insects that can make any October frightful. Here are some tips to keep those insects at bay.

Deprive insects of moisture — insects love humidity and need it to thrive. Keep mulch and soil away from house foundations, and turn mulch periodically to help keep dampness down and insects out.

Tis the season for spiders — knock down cobwebs and run a dehumidifier. Knocking down cobwebs along with using a dehumidifier in the basement will significantly de-
crease the spider population. Make sure to keep those basement window sills free of cobwebs too.

Try an alternative to pesticide. Pesticides are a quick and effective way to control an insect problem, but natural methods work too. For example, putting a mixture of borax, sugar and water on a cotton ball, placed out of reach, can stop ants
from entering a home.

Pick up pet food. Insects love an easy meal, as do other pests such as mice. Keeping pet food off the floor and stored in an airtight container will be one less invitation for a pest to make a visit.

Free trick-or-treat bag

Stop by the FLFHC offices at 220 Hancock Ave. between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Oct. 29 for a free trick-or-treat bag and glow sticks, while supplies last.

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