Fort Leavenworth Frontier Heritage Communities

A garbage disposal is a great tool to have in the kitchen, but they can be overwhelmed.
Bones, fruit pits, potato peels, coffee grounds, rice, pasta and grease can all jam up the works and should never be put down the disposal. Pour grease into a container that can go out in the trash.

To keep the disposal running and smelling fresh, run cold water while using the disposal. Hot water can cause fat to stick inside the unit. Put some ice down the unit occasionally to help keep it clean. Citrus peels can help get rid of unwanted smells. A degreasing cleaner can also help keep it clean and running smoothly.

Never put anything down the disposal that is not food or liquid.

Always run the disposal for a few seconds before turning on the dishwasher.

Mother’s Day contest
The Mother’s Day photo contest will end with two lucky moms each winning a $50 gift card. Entries will be accepted until noon May 10.

E-mail one photo of mom and her child or children to The photo will be posted to the FLFHC Facebook Page @FLFHC. Two winners will be randomly selected May 7.

Winners must reside on Fort Leavenworth at the time of the drawing.

Moving out
Move-out inspection appointments are filling up quickly.

Residents can e-mail their “Notice of Intent to Vacate” form and military orders to with a preferred move-out date in the body of the e-mail.

Initiating a move-out notice in a timely manner allows residents to secure an inspection time that best meets the needs of the family.

Residents who are retiring, deploying or departing on an unaccompanied tour and would like to stay or have their family stay at Fort Leavenworth are asked to call the Community Management Office at 913-682-6300 to learn about available benefits or options.

For more information about Fort Leavenworth Frontier Heritage Communities move-out procedures, see Section 3 of the Resident Guidelines and Community Handbook.

Handbooks can be downloaded at

FLFHC values residents’ feedback. Call the Community Management Office at 913-682-6300 with any questions or concerns.

Mowing schedule
Wallace will perform weekly yard maintenance on the following schedule:

Monday —Kickapoo, Pottawatomie, Pawnee and New Pawnee villages
Tuesday — Lower Kansa, Santa Fe and Iowa villages
Wednesday — Main Post, Wint Avenue, Nez Perce and Normandy villages
Thursday — Cheyenne, Upper Kansa, Oregon and New Oregon villages
Friday — Ottawa, Shawnee, Osage and South Osage villages

Residents with fenced backyards must mow and otherwise maintain the yard inside the fence.

Utilities tip
Instead of purchasing bathtub and shower cleansers, make your own. Mix one-part vinegar to one-part water in an old cleanser spray bottle. Spray the shower and tub area down, let it sit for 30 minutes, then rinse it off. This method is environmentally friendly and saves plastic.

Watch for more community event announcements on Facebook, followed by a One-Call Now e-mail message with event details, and don’t forget to follow FLFHC on Twitter. Visit the FLFHC website at for downloadable forms and other useful information.


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