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Vampire electrical loads — or phantom loads — waste energy. These silent thieves, also known as standby power, refer to devices that continue to draw power when supposedly “off.”
Some electronics, such as entertainment center equipment, use electricity when they are off to support features including “instant-on,” remembering channel settings, recognizing the remote control, and telling time. To stop these electricity leaks, the equipment must be unplugged.
Putting electronic devices on a power strip with an “on/off” button and turning the devices off when not in use will save valuable energy.

Many appliances continue to draw a small amount of power when they are switched off. These vampire loads occur with electronics such as video players, televisions, stereos and computers. 

Many vampire electronics are easy to identify. If electric devices require charging, have a light glowing when other lights are off in the home, have a digital read-out or clock display, such as microwave and coffee makers, or have a large “block” somewhere along the electric cord, such as laptop cords or phone chargers, these devices are likely vampire electronics. Charging cords can continue to draw electricity even when the device is not connected.

Office closures
The Fort Leavenworth Frontier Heritage Communities offices and the Self-Help Store will be closed Sept. 4 and 7 for Labor Day. Normal business hours will resume Sept. 8. To report a maintenance emergency or submit a work order when the offices are closed, call the 24-hour maintenance line at (913) 651-3838.

Mission donations
The City Union Mission Christian Life Center truck is now parked across the Community Management Office weekdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. where residents can drop items off or arrange curbside pick-up.

The second Saturday of each month, place items for donation curbside before 10 a.m. for collection between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. The mission will issue a tax voucher for accepted donations. The next mission pick-up will be Sept. 12.

The mission accepts clothing, furniture and other household items, but not appliances, mattresses, cribs or carseats. Separate any bulk trash from donations and place clothing and shoes inside plastic bags marked for mission donation.

Anything left on the curb Monday will be collected as bulk trash and not a donation. ?For more information, call the Community Management Office (913) 682-6300.

Utilities tip
One of the best energy-saving tips may be one of the simplest to do — replace furnace filters monthly. Allowing time each month for this simple chore will dramatically reduce the amount of dust and particles in the air as well as improve the efficiency of the unit.

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