Fort Leavenworth Frontier Heritage Communities

Barren Outdoor Solutions performs lawncare for homes on post on designated village mowing days. Barren mows all front yards and side yards that are not fenced. However, care of fenced back yards is the responsibility of the resident.

Fort Leavenworth Frontier Heritage Communities asks residents with fenced backyards to maintain the yard inside the fence by mowing, edging, watering and trimming. Grass should be kept 3-4 inches in height.

Watering is essential for healthy lawn growth. Incorrect watering wastes time and water. Watering a lawn at the wrong time can also end up doing more harm than good.

Water in the morning or late afternoon whenever possible.

Early morning watering, between 5-10 a.m., is best to minimize evaporation and fungal diseases. Watering in the late afternoon between 5-8 p.m. is also OK. During that time, it is not in the heat of the day and has time to dry before dark.

Water applied midday evaporates at a much higher rate and night-time watering encourages diseases and mold.

A healthy lawn needs about one inch of water per week. When using a sprinkler, put empty tuna cans in various places around the lawn, then check the water level in the cans every 15 minutes. For the best results, split the watering into two half-inch or four quarter-inch waterings each week.

FLFHC needs residents’ cooperation to keep the housing areas looking their best. FLFHC values residents’ opinions and feedback and encourages them to contact the Community Management Office at (913) 682-6300 with any questions.

Office closures
The Fort Leavenworth Frontier Heritage Communities offices and the Self-Help Store will be closed Sept. 4 and 7 in observance of Labor Day. Normal business hours will resume Sept. 8. To report a maintenance emergency or submit a work order when the offices are closed, call the 24-hour maintenance line at (913) 651-3838.

Utilities tip
Unplug electronics — including small kitchen appliances, DVDs, televisions and computers — to save energy and money. These electronics, when plugged in, use energy even when they are turned off.

Watch for more announcements on Facebook, followed by a One-Call Now e-mail message with event details. Don’t forget to follow FLFHC on Twitter. Visit the FLFHC website at for downloadable forms and other useful information.


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