The Army is looking for qualified and interested retired officers, noncommissioned officers and soldiers in the following HEALTH CARE SPECIALTIES who are willing to assist with the COVID-19 pandemic response effort — 60F, Critical Care Officer; 60N, Anesthesiologist; 66F, Nurse Anesthetist; 66S, Critical Care Nurse; 66P, Nurse Practitioner; 66T, ER Nurse; 68V, Respiratory Specialist; and 68W, Medic. If interested, email Human Resources Command, Reserve Personnel Management Directorate, at or call (502) 613-4911.

The U.S. Army COVID-19 INFORMATION HOTLINE is now available. For information about symptoms, how it is spread and more, call 1(800) 984-8523.

The TRICARE NURSE ADVICE LINE is available for all TRICARE beneficiaries at 1(800) 874-2273.

There is a STOP MOVEMENT in effect for the Combined Arms Center and Fort Leavenworth. This measure restricts all travel including temporary duty, permanent-change-of-station moves and leave. Only local-area leave is authorized at this time. Employees and service members are directed to consult their chain of command/supervisor before making any travel plans.

Soldiers, family members and Department of the Army civilians who may not be able to use airline tickets and resort or hotel reservations in conjunction with personal travel as a result of the COVID-19 emergency CANNOT RECEIVE ANY REIMBURSEMENT FROM THE ARMY for the loss. The Personnel Claims Act, the Federal Tort Claims Act and the Military Claims Act, the laws which the Army applies to losses by Army personnel, do not have provisions for paying Army personnel for these kinds of personal losses. All soldiers, family members and DA civilians are strongly encouraged to contact the airline, hotel or resort where they have made reservations and see if a refund is possible. It is also recommended that they obtain either travel insurance or ensure that the tickets and reservations they purchase are refundable before making the reservations. For more information, call the Claims Office at 6845376.

There is a “NO TOUCH” POLICY in effect at all access gates. In bound drivers should show their identification cards when they approach the guards, the guards will provide instruction on how they will scan the cards. Grant Gate is currently the only access gate.

The DINING FACILITY IS NOW ONLY OPEN TO MEAL CARD HOLDERS. The drive-through is still serving paying customers. Standard meal rates are $3.50 for breakfast, $5.65 for lunch, $4.90 for dinner and $9.20 for holiday meals.

All Army and Air Force Exchange Service FOOD VENDORS ARE TAKE-OUT ONLY, including Burger King and the Exchange Food Court, until further notice.

The Fort Leavenworth DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY PHOTO STUDIO is currently closed. All scheduled photos and appointments are canceled and will not be rescheduled at this time. This is in accordance with DoD EXORD 144-20 FRAGO 7 and social distancing guidance from the chain of command.

ARMY EMERGENCY RELIEF ASSISTANCE is available to soldiers and families affected by COVID-19. Soldiers and family members exposed to COVID-19 and quarantined can contact an AER caseworker through the Army Operations Center at (703) 697-0218.

CLAIMS FOR DAMAGE TO HOUSEHOLD GOODS are handled by the U.S. Army Center for Personnel Claims Support in Fort Knox, Ky. The Claims Office is only available to assist claimants to contact the USARCS-CPCS with a claim. For more information, call 684-4913.

Department of Defense policy PROHIBITS THE USE OF CBD OIL and other hemp-based products by service members.

Trails West Golf Course is in charge of the RECREATIONAL VEHICLE STORAGE LOT. For more information, visit 306 Cody Road or call (913) 651-7176.

The WOMEN VETERANS CALL CENTER hours are 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Friday and 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Saturday. Call 1-855VA-WOMEN (1-855-829-6636).

The Fort Leavenworth SMARTPHONE APP is available for Android and iPhone. Search the Google Play and Apple stores for “Fort Leavenworth,” and download the app for quick links to contacts, services, news, info and things to do.

Fort Leavenworth chapel services


Services will use online streaming options for services during this time.

Chapels will be open for prayer and will be monitored to ensure social distancing guidelines are met. For more information, call 684-2210.

Look for these Chapel Community groups on Facebook:

• Fort Leavenworth Chapels

• Fort Leavenworth Gospel Service

• Fort Leavenworth Gospel Service Women’s Ministry

• Ft Leavenworth Episcopal/Anglican Congregation Memorial Chapel

• Ft. Leavenworth Club Beyond

• Saint Ignatius Parish, Fort Leavenworth

• Ft. Leavenworth Chapel Liturgical

• Christ Fellowship – Fort Leavenworth


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