Effective immediately, beneficiaries can ONLY ENTER MUNSON ARMY HEALTH CENTER THROUGH THE CIRCLE DRIVE DOOR. All other doors will be closed. MAHC personnnel will conduct a quick mandatory health screening at the circle drive door. Patients should arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled appointment time.

The U.S. ARMY COVID-19 INFORMATION HOTLINE is now available. For information about symptoms, how it is spread or more, call 1-800-984-8523.

The TRICARE NURSE ADVICE LINE is available for all TRICARE beneficiaries at 1(800) 8742273.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention does not recommend WEARING A FACE MASK to protect from respiratory diseases, including COVID19. Munson Army Health Center will only issue face masks to patients who come into the facility sick.

Munson Army Health Center is currently booking June appointments for SCHOOL AND SPORTS PHYSICALS. Students should wear athletic clothing and bring glasses to the appointment. To schedule an appointment, call 684-6250.

THE MUNSON ARMY HEALTH CENTER PHARMACY WILL CLOSE at 11:30 a.m. April 8 for special staff training. Normal hours resume April 9.

Munson Army Health Center does NOT PROVIDE WALK-IN SERVICE FOR STREP OR FLU TESTING. Call 684-6250 to make an appointment with a primary care provider.

Munson Army Health Center “NO-SHOW” NUMBERS HAVE INCREASED. Remember to cancel appointments instead of being a “no-show” by visiting tricareonline.com or calling 684-6250.

The Munson Army Health Center “WELLNESS FOR LIFE” PROGRAM IS OPEN FOR ENROLLMENT. This is a multidisciplinary program that incorporates nutrition, physical therapy, psychology and more. To sign up for the WFL monthly orientation class, call 684-6250.

The READINESS CENTER IS CLOSED 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. daily.

THE MUNSON ARMY HEALTH CENTER FLU CAMPAIGN is underway. For more information, visit https://tricare.mil/CoveredServices/lsltCovered/FluVaccine. FLU VACCINES are available 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. on a walk-in basis at Munson Army Health Center’s Readiness Center.

Munson Army Health Center is encouraging soldiers and their family members to avoid e-cigarettes and vaping products. USERS OF E-CIGARETTE OR VAPING PRODUCTS who experience symptoms of respiratory or gastrointestinal distress should seek prompt medical attention. For more information on MAHC’s TOBACCO AND VAPING CESSATION CLASSES, call 684-6528/6535.


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