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    • USD seeks new board member

      Unified School District 207

      The Board of Education, Unified School District 207, is soliciting letters of application from district patrons residing on Fort Leavenworth who have childr...

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      USD seeks new board member

      Unified School District 207

      The Board of Education, Unified School District 207, is soliciting letters of application from district patrons residing on Fort Leavenworth who have children within the school district and are interested in serving on the school board.

      As a result of the previous board member’s change in military status, the position will be appointed once a candidate has been selected.

      Title 10, section 973(c), Federal Public Law, "allows an officer (or a noncommissioned officer) to hold nonpartisan civil office on an independent school board that is located exclusively on a military reservation."

      Military spouses are eligible for appointment and are encouraged to apply.

      Applicants should submit a letter of interest that discusses their reasons for wanting to serve on the board and a resumé. These positions are appointed by the commanding general and all board members serve at his pleasure.

      Letters and resumés should be submitted to Myron J. Griswold, President, Fort Leavenworth USD 207 Board of Education, 207 Education Way, Fort Leavenworth, KS 66027-1425.

      If submitted through e-mail, send to Rich Holden, Clerk of the Board, at rholden@usd207.org, telephone (913) 651-7373.

  • Katie Peterson | Staff Writer
    In May, parents will be able to access the nutritional information of all the food their students are eating at school with the new Nutri-Slice interactive menu software.
    The system breaks down the food allergens associated with each item, the daily carbohydrate count, the nutritional facts and provides a photo of the dish. The software also translates into 30 different languages to accommodate international families.
    Marianne Estes, Unified School District 207 food service director, presented the software to the school board during the monthly meeting April 22 at the district office.
    “Nutri-Slice assists in giving us a resource to teach nutrition,” Estes said. “The ultimate goal is to promote parent/guardian confidence in our ability to provide the best nutrition for our district’s students.”
    Parents will be able to access the interactive menu via the district website at www.usd207.org.
    During the meeting, the board approved the addition of a new special education compliance facilitator classified position to replace the open school psychologist position.
    The selected candidate will join the two current full-time psychologists. The position’s purpose is to monitor special education state compliance for the district. The candidate will manage schedules and notices for evaluation meetings and district-level screenings, assist in state file reviews and compliance reporting, manage out-of-district educational record requests, and process transportation requests.
    For more information, visit https://fortleavenworth.tedk12.com/hire/index.aspx.
    In other news, the board approved a total concrete repair of the Eisenhower Elementary School parking lot.
    “It is reaching ‘end of life,’” said Rich Holden, USD 207 chief financial officer. “The cracking is just going to get continually worse.
    “Can we patch it, yes.” Holden said. “But by the time we reach the number of patches, it makes more sense to actually redo the whole stretch.”
    Sands Construction Co. in Leavenworth will provide the repairs. Along with the concrete repair, Sands will also improve the drainage system around the parking lot.
    The board also approved the repair and updating of Eisenhower’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.
    Repairs will begin May 28.
    Beginning the 2019-2020 schoolyear, ninth-graders will receive new perks when they continue their education at Patton.
    “We’re continuing to look at opportunities to improve the program offered for ninth-graders,” said Keith Mispagel, USD 207 superintendent.
    During the meeting, the board approved two new initiatives for ninth-grade students.
    The first is free lunch every day for every full-time student. Second, is a two-in-one Chromebook device that students are allowed to take home, and upon graduation they will keep the device. The Chromebook will also include a computer backpack to protect the device.
    Page 2 of 2 - “It is a rite of passage for ninth-graders,” Mispagel said.
    This year’s ninth-grade students will also receive a Chromebook upon their graduation May 16.
    Mispagel said there are more initiatives being considered that will be presented to the board at a later date.
    USD 207 International Day is at 8:30 a.m. April 26 at Patton Junior High School. Currently, 16 countries will be represented.
    The next USD 207 board meeting is at 4:30 p.m. May 20 at the district office.
    For a complete overview of the meeting and the minutes, visit https://www.boarddocs.com/ks/usd27/Board.nsk/Public.
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