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  • Fort Leavenworth Frontier Heritage Communities
    Many residents move in and out each spring. To make the transition as simple and stress free as possible, Fort Leavenworth Frontier Heritage Communities reminds residents of the procedures for moving in and moving out of on-post housing.
    Inspections are required following the move in, before move out and then at final move out. Inspections normally take 20-30 minutes. Below is an overview of the FLFHC Inspection Process.
    Once a resident has signed a lease agreement with FLFHC, a move-in inspection is scheduled. A resident 18 years or older must be home to walk through the home with the inspector, who will note the condition of the interior and exterior of the home. Once the move-in inspection is completed, the inspection form detailing the condition of the home at that time is signed by both the resident and housing inspector. The resident is provided a copy of this form for his or her records.
    The same signed move-in form will be used during the resident’s move-out inspection, to compare what the condition of the home was like at the time of move-in. If the resident’s move-in inspection is not completed because the resident is not home for the scheduled inspection, as stated in the residential lease agreement, section 4, “the resident will be bound by the most recent inspection on file.” Residents should contact the FLFHC office at (913) 682-6300 to reschedule if they cannot make the appointment time.
    When a resident gives FLFHC a 30-day notice to vacate, two inspections will be scheduled — a pre-move-out inspection and a move-out inspection. The resident will be provided with written instructions on the standards of cleanliness and conditions that are required. These two inspections are as important as the move-in inspection, and residents must ensure they are available for the scheduled inspections.
    FLFHC recommends scheduling the pre-inspection 10-14 days before the move-out inspection. During the pre-inspection the housing inspector visits the resident’s home and lists the resident’s responsibilities, such as repairs that need to be done, and provides a list of charges for any damage that the resident may be responsible for at the time of move-out.
    The final move-out inspection should be scheduled on a day when the home is cleared of all personal belongings — nothing should remain in the home at this time. The housing inspector will use the resident’s signed move-in inspection form for the move-out inspection. The condition of the home will be noted and charges may be assessed for any items that are beyond normal wear and tear; the resident will be made aware of any charges that are assessed.
    Upon completing the inspection to a satisfactory standard, the housing inspector will collect house keys, mailbox keys and garage door openers. Any payments that may be due for damage, pro-rated utilities or pro-rated rent will be collected at the FLFHC office at 220 Hancock Ave. Those payments can be made via debit/credit card, money order or cashier’s check. Once all requirements have been met, the resident is given a termination-of-housing notice in order to clear post?.
    Page 2 of 2 - Valentine treat
    Fort Leavenworth residents, don’t forget your Valentine. Stop by the FLFHC office at 10 a.m. Feb. 14 and pick up a treat for your sweetie while supplies last.
    Holiday closures
    FLFHC offices and the Self-Help Store will be closed Feb. 18 in observance of Presidents Day. Normal business hours will resume Feb. 19. To report a maintenance emergency or submit a work order when the offices are closed, call the 24-hour maintenance line at (913) 651-3838.
    Birthday drawing
    Have a child with a birthday in February? Come by the Fort Leavenworth Frontier Heritage Communities office at 220 Hancock Ave. to enter him or her into the monthly birthday drawing. All submissions must be received in the FLFHC office by Feb. 21.
    Coloring contest
    Children’s coloring contest sheets are available online at www.ftleavenworthfamilyhousing.com and at the FLFHC office at 220 Hancock Ave. Entries must be received by Feb. 21. Contest winners will receive a prize and have their artwork published in the FLFHC newsletter.
    Super Savers
    The Super Saver program is designed to promote conservation in the home and increase awareness and understanding of the information on resident utility statements.
    Residents can nominate themselves for the Super Saver of the Month award by submitting a nomination form, which can be found on the FLFHC website at www.ftleavenworthfamilyhousing.com. Bring the form and a copy of the most recent utilities statement to the FLFHC office at 220 Hancock Ave. by the 21st of each month.
    Utilities tip
    A faucet that leaks one drip per second wastes 3,000 gallons of water per year. Contact the maintenance department to repair a leaking faucet and prevent excessive water usage.
    Watch for more community event announcements on Facebook, followed by a One-Call Now e-mail message with event details. And don’t forget to follow FLFHC on Twitter. Visit the FLFHC website at www.ftleavenworthfamilyhousing.com for downloadable forms and other useful information.
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